Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Tactical Equipment Guide

Tactical equipment, or Tacticals, in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 are pieces of equipment used to gain an advantage against enemies, like stunning, hacking their equipment. Some of these items will also have supporting effects like displaying more information on screen. If used correctly, they can really be a big help during multiplayer modes. Here’s the full list of tactical equipments, their effects and how to unlock them.

  • Black Hat

The Black Hat tactical equipment allows players to hack enemy pieces of equipment, care packages and even disable enemy vehicles. You can use it in a variety of situations to your advantage like preventing your opponent from healing during a difficult situation. The Black Hat will be available at Level 25

  • Concussion Grenades

The concussion grenades are powerful weapons that can stagger all enemies caught in the blast radius, making their movement slower and causes aim to sway. The Concussion Grenades are available at Level 4.

  • EMP Grenades

EMP Grenades are throwable tactical equipment pieces that explode a second after hitting the ground, disabling all enemy electronics, including attachments, tacticals and all scorestreaks. The problems don’t stop here since even the HUD is going to get all messed up and the screen will be fuzzy. Use them to get away from a tight spot and even get the advantage on your opponents. EMP Grenades are available at Level 11

  • Flashbangs

Flashbangs are powerful support tools that disable enemies with a blinding flash of light: all enemies will be blinded and impaired, just like with the Concussion Grenades, the only difference is in the detonation time which is slightly delayed for the Flashbangs. Flashbangs are available at Level 29.

  • Sensor Grenades

Sensor Grenades are throwable support tools: once used all enemies caught in its radius will be detected and marked, just like with the Orbital VSAT. The Sensor Grenades will be available at Level 6.

  • Shock Charges

The Shock Charges are mines that electrocute and stun all enemies caught in blast, triggered when an enemy gets close to the mine. It’s a little bit more versatile than the Concussion Grenades since they can be attached to walls too and they can also be used as traps. The Shock Charges are available at Level 23

  • Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades are the most basic disruptive supporting equipment: once launched, they create a smoke screen making aiming at you very hard, perfect for getting away from a dire confrontation. Smoke Grenades will be available at Level 4.

  • Tactical Insertion

Tactical Insertion is the last piece of tactical equipment to be unlocked. Drop the insertion wherever you want and once you’ll be killed, you’re going to be respawned in that same spot. They can be destroyed by enemy fire and even “stolen” if an enemy pushes the correct button. The only way to tell apart Tactical Insertions is by looking at the flashing light, green for friendlines and red for enemies. Tactical Insertion will be available at Level 47.


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