Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Perks And Wildcards Guide

The perks system in Black Ops 2 has been greatly revised since previous Call Of Duty games. Gone is much of the complexity in the system, with perks influencing your character, your team mates, your weapons, simple perks and pro perks completely gone.
In Black Ops 2 perks only influence your character’s performance and they’re not as vital as they used to be: they’ll give a small advantage but nothing game breaking, making the online portion of the game a more balanced experience.

Perks are now divided into 3 Tiers and they’ll be unlocked once you reach a certain level. Here’s the full list of available abilities.

Tier 1 – Blue Perks

  • Blind Eye

Player will be undetectable by AI controlled perks. Available from Level 5.

  • Flak Jacket

Explosives will do less damage. Available from Level 32

  • Ghost

Enemies UAVs won’t be able to detect players while moving. Available from Level 55

  • Hardline

Score points obtained are increased. Available from Level 4

  • Lightweight

Faster movement speed and no falling damage. Available from Level 4

Tier 2 – Green Perks

  • Cold blooded

Undetectable by any target system. Available from Level 4

  • Fast Hands

Faster granade use and swapping speed, faster equipment using and safe throwing back frag granades. Available from level 8.

  • Hard Wired

Immunity against counter-UAV and EMPs. Available from level 26.

  • Scavenger

Take ammo and grenades from dead enemies. Available from level 44.

  • Thoughness

Less flinching after being shot. Available from Level 4

Tier 3 – Brown Perks

  • Awareness

Easier to hear enemy movements. Available from Level 50

  • Dead Silence

No movement sounds. Available from Level 38

  • Dexterity

Faster recovering from melee attacks, faster aiming after sprinting and faster ladder climbing. Available from Level 4

  • Engineer

Delay explosives, booby trap care packages and show enemy equipment. Available from Level 14

  • Extreme Conditioning

Longer sprinting distance. Available from Level 4

  • Tactical Mask

Effects of flash, concussion and shock charges are reduced. Available from level 20.


Wildcards help in customizing your character even further, bending the class system limitations. Wildcards take one of the available class slots once selected.

  • Danger Close

Carry two pieces of lethal equipment. Available from Level 28

  • Overkill

Carry a primary weapon as a secondary weapon. Available from Level 18

  • Perk 1 Greed

Carry one extra tier 1 perk. Available from Level 4

  • Perk 2 Greed

Carry one extra tier 2 perk. Available from Level 10

  • Perk 3 Greed

Carry one extra tier 3 perk. Available from Level 13

  • Primary Gunfighter

Allows a third attachment on your primary weapon. Available from Level 22

  • Secondary Gunfighter

Allows a second attachment on your secondary weapon. Available from Level 19

  • Tactician

Carry a tactical equipment piece in place of a lethal equipment piece. Available from Level 25

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