Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer XP guide

One of the thrills of the multiplayer mode in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 , other the simple “magic” of dominating other players, is obtaining XP points, which are used to unlock weapons, attachments, scorestreaks and wildcards, other than measuring your overall expertise in the game. XP points are earned until a player reaches the Prestige level, a fancy way to say that the cap has been reached and everything has been unlocked; there are a lot of ways to earn XP points during multiplayer matches and now we’re going to list them, along with some tips helping you earn experience faster.

Standard XP earning actions

  • 100 XP per kill
  • 10 XP per Guardian Surpress
  • 200 XP per enemy killed carrying a flag.
  • 50 XP per Neutral Domination point capture.
  • 125 XP per Guardian destroy.
  • 225 XP per kill on an enemy who is stealing a Domination flag from your team.
  • 100 XP per confirmed kill.
  • 25 XP per kill that teammates confirm.
  • 200 XP per Enemy Domination Point Capture
  • 150 XP per Enemy killed in the vicinity of the hardpoint
  • 50 XP per Hardpoint point capture.
  • 50 XP per Assist.

As you can see, teamwork isn’t only the best way to prevail online but also a good way to earn experience since almost all actions completed by a team member will actually make you earn experience as well

Medal Challenges

Another good way to earn experience is completing the special multiplayer challenges during online matches. You’ll be awarded special medals for any special accomplishment you may complete.

  • Bloodthirsty – Killed five enemies without dying.
  • Flyswatter – Shot down an enemy Dragonfire.
  • Road Rage – Destroy an enemy RC-XD.
  • Revenge – Killed the enemy who killed you.
  • Crack Down – Killed an enemy with the A.G.R..
  • Red Baron – Killed an enemy with the Dragonfire.
  • Falling Skies – Killed an enemy with the Swarm.
  • Comeback – Killed an enemy after dying three times in a row.
  • Buzz Kill – Killed an enemy who is almost completing a Scorestreak.
  • One Shot, One Kill – Killed an enemy with one shot.
  • 4 Piece – Kill four Enemies in quick succession.
  • Savior – Killed an enemy who was shooting a teammate.
  • Close Call – Stay alive after being shot (Red Screen).
  • Strike Delivered – Killed an enemy with a Lighting Strike Scorestreak.
  • Double Kill – Killed two enemies with quick succession of one another.
  • Avenger – Avenge a teammates death

XP Earning Tips

There actually isn’t a really quick way to farm experience without a good amount of hard work but there’s a couple of ways to increased the XP earned in a match: try to keep using the weapons you are best with so that they will earn XP point as well; once a weapon levels up, the player will also receive a significant experience bonus. Once your preferred weapon reaches Prestige level, try to switch to a similiar weapon in the same category and keep on shooting!
Another good way is to play the Hard Point mode which nets quite good experience for each match. You can also try playing Demolition mode with a full team and taking turns with each player in planting and defusing the bomb: since completing objectives gives a bonus to all team members you can get quite a decent bonus if every team member manages to complete them in the same match.


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