Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Lethal Equipment Guide

Lethal equipment pieces, or just lethals, differ from the tacticals for one reason only: while tacticals are used to create disadvantaged for enemies, lethals are used to kill them. It’s up to the player striking a good balance between the two types of equipments and be ready for a good variety of situations. Here’s the full list of lethals, their effects and uses and the level they’re unlocked during Multiplayer mode. The list is sorted alphabetically for easier searching.

  • Bouncing Betty

The Bouncing Betty is a proximity mine that is launched in the air before finally detonating. It’s not so hard to avoid damage: you can just crounch and go prone. Let’s say there are better choices of equipment. Available from Level 28.

  • C4

Almost any gamer knows what C4 is: plastic explosive. It’s detonated by tapping the same button used to throw equipment or by pressing the reload button twice. The C4 can be attached to any surface making it the best in regards to mortal traps. Available from Level 41.

  • Claymore

Another excellent way to make an explosive trap, the Claymore is a proximity mine triggered by any movement directly in front of it. The explosion will be in a forward direction so anyone behind it will be safe from damage: compared to the C4 it’s slightly less useful. available from Level 53.

  • Combat Axe

The Combat Axe is a throwable axe that causes death in impact: it’s really useful in medium range, even though you need to be quite accurate when throwing it since if it misses enemies can pick it up and use it against you. Available after Level 17

  • Grenade

A basic fragmentation grenade, working like in previous Call Of Duty games: you can choose to cook it and make it explode once it reaches its target. If not cooked, it can be picked up by enemies. Available from Level 4.

  • Semtex

Semtex is a sticky timed explosive which will do its thing after 3 seconds: it can’t be cooked so no exploding after launch and it can’t be picked in any case. It can be used as a trap if you know you’re being followed and want to increase the distance but for everything else a simple grenade does the same and even much more.¬†Available from Level 4.


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