Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs Guide

In true Call Of Duty tradition, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 has got a good share of easter eggs: some are easy to miss, others don’t serve a real purpose while others activate a special music track or even let you play some arcade classics from the 80s.

Thor’s Hammer

There’s no real reason in including the hammer for the Norse Thunder God Thor in a game like Black Ops 2, except to show gamers the love developers have for that god, or probably just of the Marvel Comics character based on the ancient god.  The Mjolnir can be seen during the Celerium mission in single player campaign: after
the wingsuits are used for the first time, you’ll have to clear the area near the elevator. Once you’re done, go back to the ridge and there should be a small ravine: get down and enter the cave: the hammer is inside. As I said, there’s no real purpose in discovering this easter egg since the hammer can’t be used or moved, it’s just stuck there.


This is one of those easter eggs that are hard to miss: during the Raid multiplayer map, there’s a large basketball court behind one of the houses and you can play basketball by shooting the three balls lined up across the hoop; you can even use the knife to play, making it even harder. Is there a reward in doing this? No, but hey, it’s basketball so it’s gotta be fun, right?

Zombies in Standoff

This one is quite a nice joke: in one of the second floor rooms in one of the houses in the Standoff map there’s a note stating that “Zombies are coming”. Just a joke or an interesting way to say that more Zombie mode content may be coming? Either way the note is not too much out of place in this map, given its somewhat creepy atmosphere.


Fancy playing some arcade classics? You’ll be able to do it while playing on the Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map: you need to shoot every mannequin head during the map. Once you’re done, go back to the screen in the center of the town with the kill count and you’ll get a chance to play Pitfall, H.E.R.O., Kaboom and River Raidm with your weapon getting replaced by a joystick. Controlling isn’t as precise as it originally was but still, it’s a nice trip back in time.

Musical Teddy Bears

This Easter Egg is found in both the Nuketown Zombie and in TranZit mode: you’ll have to activate three teddy bears scattered all over the place and once you’ll do, you’ll be able to keep killing zombies
while listening to a Skrillex song called Try It Out. In TranZit mode finding all the teddy bears may be more difficult so here are the precise locations: the first one can be found on the bench in the Bus Station, close to the starting point: the second is in the Farm, on the second floor; the third one is in Town, located near a pool table inside one of the buildings.


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