Borderlands 2 – Rare Guns Color Guide

With 87 Bazilliondier guns in borderlands 2 its hard to tell what to keep and what to just toss out in the trash.  As with its predecessor Borderlands 2 has color coded the “Rarity” factor of its guns so when your looking through loot you can easily spot the ones you want to snap up quickly by the “glow” around the gun.  In Borderlands 2 there are 5 Rarity colors similar to the original borderlands game: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.  Be careful when picking guns though because a gun in the higher end spectrum of the lower rarity might be better then a lower end gun in the next rarity grade up (makes sense??)  Read the stats to decide for yourself.


So which guns do you want to snap up quick?  The ultra rare drops are Purple and Orange so if you see one of those don’t hesitate to grab it right away.  You don’t want to miss out on these guns especially the orange ones as they are basically a unicorn.

If you are looking for where the Legendary/Rare guns are dropped click here


Gun Rarity Color – White:

This is pretty much the basic junk gun with no options, sights, accessories etc.. you find then everywhere on the side of the street in piles of rocks etc.. these are the types of guns they give away at 7-11 when you buy a slurpee.  Rarity? We shouldn’t even use that word for this class of gun, basically put they are crap.


Gun Rarity Color – Green:

Ok so here is a step up from the junk we where just talking about.  Green guns are classified as “un-common” guns we start to see some more refined guns here.  You will generally get guns with better barrels and magazines, you might even find some with sights and elemental effects.  Overall these guns have a better performance and damage.


Gun Rarity Color – Blue:

Ok so here is the level of gun where we want to shoot with.  In almost all cases you want to at least take a look at the blue gun rarity just to see if its in the high end of the blue rarity spectrum as it will be well worth the keep and even if its not that great keep it in your loot to sell it or trade it later.  These guns generally come equipped with a sight, some accessories and possibly an elemental effect.  Blue rarity guns can be found in mission rewards or enemy drops, again you need to read the item description and at least shoot it a few times before getting rid of it.


Gun Rarity Color – Purple:

These Purple rarity guns are super rare.  These guns are ALL outfitted with a scope and accessory, these will greatly increase this guns performance.  More often than not Purple rarity guns also include an elemental effect.


Basically if its Purple, you want it.  If its Purple with red text in the item description… you definitely want it (means its an experimental weapon and it WILL have an elemental effect and WILL have other more advanced features and power)


Gun Rarity Color – Magenta:

Same rarity as the purple grade guns but equipped with E-Tech Barrels.  E-Tech barrels generally shoot out energy bolts, spiker darts, plasma etc.. it really depends on what kind of gun type and manufacturer you find.


Gun Rarity Color – Orange:

Its like a Unicorn.. have you seen one lately? Chances are you wont see many of these guns laying around especially in the early stages.  Basically these guns are one of a kind with special powers and abilities and do some pretty crazy things.

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