Borderlands 2 – Optional Missions Gear Rewards Guide

 Looking for some extra loot by doing optional missions?  In borderlands 2 there are a total of 109 optional missions throughout the game many of them offered up by game characters when you talk to them during normal game play.  This is an easy ways to guarantee that when you finish the mission you will receive something you need such as shields, relics, skins, heads and of course guns.  We have detailed in the table below the missions that have rewards and what the reward is and the rarity level, there are many useful items to be collected here especially the relics and the shields which are always a welcome part of any arsenal.  As well you will get some Very Rare and Legendary items.


Mission Name Level Gear Reward Rarity
Handsome Jack Here! 3 Pistol Green
shielded favours 3 Skin Customization Green
This Town Ain’t Big Enough 3 Assault Rifle Green
Bad Hair Day 5 Shotgun or Sniper Rifle Green
Symbiosis 5 Head Blue
Assassinate the Assassins 8 SMG or Pistol Green
Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate 8 Pistol Purple
Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Skags 8 Assault Rifle or Grenade Green
The Name Game 8 Shotgun or Shield Green
Cult Following: Eternal Flame 10 Shield or SMG Green
Cult Following: False Idols 10 Assault Rifle or Shield Green
Cult Following: Lighting the Match 10 Sniper Rifle Green
Cult Following: The Enkindling 10 Shield Orange
In Memoriam 11 Head Blue
Positive Self Image 11 Relic Blue
Too Close for Missiles 11 SMG or Assault Rifle Green
The Good, the bad, and the Mordecai 12 Relic Blue
No Hard Feelings 13 Shotgun or Assault Rifle Blue
Out of Body Experience 13 Shotgun or Shield Blue
splinter group 13 Shotgun Blue
The Pretty God Train Robbery 13 Grenade Blue
You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP 13 Grenade or Rocket Launcher Green
You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party 13 Pistol Blue
Mighty Morphin’ 14 SMG Green
The Ice Man Cometh 15 Shield or Grenade Green
Won’t Get Fooled Again 16 Pistol Blue
Best Mother’s Day Ever 18 Shield Purple
Clan War: End of the Rainbow 18 Shotgun or Grenade Green
Clan War: First Place 18 Grenade or Shotgun Green
Clan War: Starting the War 18 Pistol or Assault Rifle Green
Clan War: Trailer Trashing 18 SMG or Rocket Launcher Green
Clan War: Wakey Wakey 18 Shield or Pistol Blue
Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks 18 SMG or Shotgun Blue
Stalker of stalkers 18 Shotgun or Shield Green
The Overlooked: Medicin Man 18 Skin Customization White
The Overlooked: Shields Up 18 SMG or Shield Green
The Overlooked: This Only a Test 18 Shield Purple
Animal Rights 20 Sniper Rifle Blue
Doctor’s Orders 20 Pistol or Relic Green or Blue
Note for Self-Person 20 Rocket Launcher Blue
Poetic License 20 Sniper Rifle or Assault rifle Green
Rakkaholics Anonymous 20 Sniper Rifle or Pistol Blue
safe and sound 20 Shotgun or Relic Blue
slap happy 20 Shotgun Blue
The Cold Shoulder 20 Skin Customization Green
Home Movies 23 Relic Blue
statuesque 23 Head Blue
Hell Hath No Fury 24 Grenade Blue
The Bane 24 SMG Blue
Bearer of Bad News 25 Assault Rifle Blue
BFFs 25 Shield Blue
The Chosen One 25 Assault Rifle Blue
3:10 to Kaboom 26 Grenade Blue
Animal Rescue: Shelter 26 Shield or Pistol Blue
Hyperion Contract #873 26 Sniper Rifle Blue
showdown 26 Relic Blue
Capture the Flags 28 Skin Customization Green
Customer Service 28 Grenade or SMG Blue
Mousier Mash: Part 1 28 Assault Rifle or Grenade Green
The Lost Treasure 28 Pistol Purple
To Grandmother’s House We Go 28 Skin Customization Purple
A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man 29 Shield or Sniper Rifle Green
A Real Boy: Face Time 29 Shotgun or SMG Green
A Real Boy: Human 29 Pistol Blue
Demon Hunter 29 Sniper Rifle Blue
Get to Know Jack 29 Sniper Rifle Blue
Hungry Like the Skag 29 Assault Rifle Blue
Mousier Mash: Part 2 29 SMG or Grenade Green
Uncle Teddy 29 Pistol or Shotgun Blue
Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5 34 Sniper Rifle Blue

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