Borderlands 2 – Unlocking Heads & Skins

In Borderlands 2 you can customize each character class with different heads and skins.  The heads have different hair styles faces, accessories etc.. every character class has over a dozen heads to be unlocked. unlocking heads is pretty easy and eventually you will get all the heads that are available.  The missions below always have a head reward (sounds weird?.. lol) but the enemies/bosses do not, they drop heads at random just like they would guns its pretty random but we don’t think there is a “rare” head that is impossible to find.  All character classes have Heads that can be unlocked, Axton, Maya, Salvador and Zero.

Skins are pretty much what they sound like, they are clothing for your character and can be found pretty much the same way by completing missions, drops, loot etc..  These are available for all character classes: Axton the Commando, Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker and Zero the Assassin.

Vehicle skins are found on enemy drops and loot piles.


Unlocking Heads:

  • Defeat any Baddass enemy
  • Complete one of these missions (each grants a head): Symbiosis, In Memoriam, Statuesque
  • Complete the challenge: To Pay the Bills
  • Defeat the boss in: Where angels fear to tread
  • Defeat the boss in: Best mothers day ever
  • Defeat the first target in: The talon of God
  • Defeat the second target in: The talon of God
  • Defeat the target in: You will die (Seriously)
  • Play through missions


Unlocking/Getting Skins

  • Complete challenges
  • Item of the day vending machines
  • Slot Machines
  • Defeat Enemy Bosses
  • Mission Rewards


Missions with Skin Rewards:

  • This town ain’t big enough
  • No Vacancy
  • The cold shoulder
  • The overlooked: Medicine Man
  • Capture the flags
  • To grandmothers house we go
  • Cordially invited: Party prep
  • Shielded favors

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