Borderlands 2 – Salvador Gamechangers and Capstone Guide

Salvador the gunzerker, portrayed as tough, homicidal and short (tempered im sure).  Special action skill of the gun zerker? Double fisting guns of course.  You can literally have a rocket launcher in one hand and a slag in the other killing it up with slag bonuses galore.

In Borderlands 2 each player class has 3 skill trees; Green, Blue and Red and for each character it will be named something different.  In Salvador’s case its Gun Lust (Green), Rampage (Blue) and Brawn (Red).  Within these skill trees are special abilities know as “Game changers” located in the middle of the Skill tree’s on each level with Salvador having an additional game changer in the fourth tier of two of the skill tree’s.  These abilities only need one skill point to be assigned to give it the equivalent of 5 skill points assigned on normal skills within the tree.

The Capston is the final skill within each skill tree.  This is generally a very powerful skill that turns your character into a kick ass power house, the caveat to this skill is only being able to use it one at a time.

You can see Salvador’s complete Skill tree Here on the Borderlands 2 official site with Skill Tree Builder.

Salvador’s Green Skill Tree:  Gun Lust


Game Changer: Auto Loader: This skill isn’t really a kill or damage skill but is probably the most handy skill you can have as a gunzerker and hence why it is first on the gamechanger list.  With this skill you basically have auto reloading capabilities for any weapon you have equipped.

Offical Description: Killing an enemy instantly reloads all of the guns that you have equipped that are not currently in your hands.  Swapping guns after auto-loader has reloaded a gun triggers locked & loaded.  “Reloading is for Chumps.

Game Changer: Down not Out: This skill allows Salvador to start gunzerking during fight for your life.  You need to have weapons ready to go  as you need to compensate for the lack of accuracy.

Official Description:You can gunzerk while in fight for your life. Dying is no excuse to stop fighting. 

Capston: No Kill like Overkill: basically Bonus damage when killing enemies, use weapons with high damage rankings to get maximum use of this Capston.  Rockets, Slag and anything that kicks ass is perfect here.

Official Description: When you kill an enemy you gain a bonus to Gun Damage equal to the amount of excess damage you dealt to the enemy you just killed.  Im looking for a really big gun that holds a lot of bullets.


Salvador’s Blue Skill Tree:  Rampage


Game Changer: Steady as She Goes: Aiming? Gunzerkers are basically at the mercy of the guns accuracy rating, with this skill it increases the accuracy and recoil reduction by a huge amount.. when we say huge we are talking 80% recoil reduction and 30% accuracy, its pretty huge for gunzerking.

Official Description:Reduces Recoil with both guns while gunzerking.  Additionallly, each shot that hits an enemy has a chance to improve your accuracy with both guns.

Game Changer: Double Your Fun: Did you just see double? No your not seeing double from playing to much borderlands.  With this gamechanger you actually get a bonus grenade every time you throw a grenade while gunzerking.  Best of all it’s a free Grenade! Doesn’t come out of your stock.

Official Description: Throwing a grenade while gunzerking causes you to throw 2 grenades.  The 2nd grenade does not cost ammo.  Throw 2 grenades while Gunzerking.

Capston: Keep Firing: This capston is awesome! Holding down both triggers while gunzerking causes the guns to start firing faster and the reloads to go faster,  we are talking a huge speed increase here as the fire rate goes up a ginormous +88% and the reload speed increases +25%

Official Description: While Gunzerking, the longer you hold down the trigger, the faster your guns fire and the faster you reload.


Salvador’s Red Skill Tree:  Brawn

 Game Changer: Fistful of Hurt: This is a super upgraded melee attack, if you remember super punch out’s big upper cut? Well this is it times a thousand.  This crazy uppercut can send enemies flying away like they where hit by a truck.  It does have a drawback of a 15 second cooling period.

Official Description: Melee Override.  Throw all of your weight into a punch, causing massive damage and knocking back the enemy.  Fistful of Hurt has a cooldown.  While Fistful of Hurt is on cooldown, “Melee” will perform a regular melee attack.  Cooldown: 15 seconds

Capston: Come At Me Bro: Probably the coolest saying ever invented and used on pvp play.  With this capston its just that, taunt your enemies to come at you.  Your health will be replenished instantly and damage reduction will be drastically enhanced.  Be careful when doing this in big groups of bad guys.. you might not have enough time to start up gunzerking and just be overwhelmed.

Official Description:  Action Skill Augment.  While Gunzerking, taunt your enemies and instantly gain full health.  Taunted enemies are more likley to attack you, but for the next few seconds you gain massive damage reduction.  Nigh Invulnerability is a hell of a drug.


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