Borderlands 2 – Maya Gamechangers and Capstone Guide

Maya the Siren, the goddess of the Athena world.  Portrayed as head strong, rebellious and magical.  Special action skill of Maya the Siren? Phase lock, allowing Maya to trap an enemy in a sphere of destruction, trapping enemies, killing them, turning them into her own little minions of slaves etc…

In Borderlands 2 each player class has 3 skill trees; Green, Blue and Red and for each character it will be named something different.  In Maya’s case its Motion (Green), Harmony (Blue) and Cataclysm (Red).  Within these skill trees are special abilities know as “Game changers” located in the middle of the Skill tree’s on each level with Salvador having an additional game changer in the fourth tier of two of the skill tree’s.  These abilities only need one skill point to be assigned to give it the equivalent of 5 skill points assigned on normal skills within the tree.

The Capston is the final skill within each skill tree.  This is generally a very powerful skill that turns your character into a kick ass power house, the caveat to this skill is only being able to use it one at a time.

You can see Maya’s complete Skill tree Here on the Borderlands 2 official site with Skill Tree Builder.

Maya’s Green Skill Tree:  Motion

 The motion skill tree basically allows you to re-design Maya’s phase lock abilities.

Game Changer: Converge: Converge makes Maya’s phaselock act like singularity grenades.  When you phase lock an enemy, nearby enemies will also be pulled towards the phase locked enemies.  This power is especially useful for crowd control or when you want to group a bunch of enemies close together so you can throw a grenade at them, flame gun, rocket launcher etc..  very useful skill to use pretty much all the time.

Offical Description: Action Skill Augmentation.  Your Phaselock ability now also pulls nearby enemies toward the original target.  This deals a small amount of damage to the affected enemies.  Gather thine enemies together that thou mayest blow them to tiny bits.

Capston: Thoughlock: Allows you to turn enemies into allies for a short period of time when you use thoughlock.  Combined with Converge when used can allow more enemy to enemy fighting since they are now so close J

Official Description: Action Skill Alteration.  Phaselock causes enemies to turn on their friends instead of being locked down.  Additionally, phaselocks duration is increased, but so is its cooldown. +100% more enemy on Enemy combat.  Phaselock duration +4 seconds.  Phaselock cooldown +3 seconds.


Maya’s Blue Skill Tree:  Rampage

 With this skill tree we see Maya’s powers turn to team good, allowing her to build up her medic skills for both her and her allies

Game Changer: Res: Res allows phaselock to revive a downed ally from a distance.  Great for team and co-op play but pretty much a useless ability for solo play.  Basically if you can see your ally you can res them even if your scoping them with a weapon.

Official Description:You can instantly revive a friend in fight for your life by using phaselock on him/her.  Rise from your grave.

Capston: Scorn: Maya unleashes a slow orb of slag basically covering everything in its path… slag bonus?

Official Description: Melee override skill. Throw an orb of slag that constantly damages enemies near it.  This ability has a cooldown.  Perform a regular melee attack when scorn is in cooldown.  Scorn cooldown is 18 seconds

Maya’s Red Skill Tree:  Cataclysm

Cataclysm is probably the most powerful skill tree out of all the four character classes giving Maya crazy additional damage levels, increased elemental effects, gun damage, fire damage.. etc..

 Game Changer: Cloud Kill: Cloud Kill.. sounds dangerous and it really is.  With this skill whenever a gunshot hits an enemy it creates a caustic cloud around the enemy and corrodes the enemy and anything near by with acid.  Combined with converge and you have yourself a party.

Official Description: Shooting an enemy creates a lingering Acid Cloud, dealing constant corrosive damage to enemies who touch it. Only one acid cloud can be active at one time.  Cloud kill duration is 5 seconds.

Capston: Ruin: This is it, the ultimate skill in all skill trees.  The one that turns Maya into one crazy magic killing machine.    This new phaslock skill is able to use every status effect at the same time dealing huge damage to enemies.  Basically when you grab a target with your phaselock it then hits them with shock, slag and corrosion with a splash effect that also affects all surrounding enemies.

Official Description:  Action skill augmentation.  Phaselock now slags, electrocutes and corrodes all nearby enemies.  Ignorance and inconsideration may be greater causes of ruin, but they are slow and lacking spectacle.


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