Borderlands 2 Legendary & Unique Relics Guide

Relics are leftover pieces of ancient Eridian technology that grant their bearer bonuses.  What does a relic do and how do you use a relic?  Relics basically give you a improved skill or feature and to enable ti all you need to do is put your relics in your relic spots.  There are 10 types of relics in Borderlands 2 and you gain them as you play through the game and its basically the same as finding any other rare gun or item.  Depending on your particular character and style of play a particular relic focus will work best for you.  We have listed in table form all the relic types and their descriptions.  As you can see many of these relics are very specific to the type of weapon, the type of elemental properties or the specific type maker of the weapon, so its important to strategize your Relics and increases, for example if your into using capston’s or gamechangers with a cool down period then its probably beneficial for you to have Proficiency Relics on hand.

Notes on the Vault Hunters Relic: so we got a lot of questions about the “Vault Hunters Relic” and a lot of other sites have questions on “where do you find it” with silly answers like “Pandora”.  So as far as I know this only came when you pre-ordered Borderlands 2 with the premier club.  Im sure you can probably find it somewhere in Pandora but pretty much anyone iv talked to so far hasn’t, so either is like one of those unicorn rare relics.. or it just doest exist outside of the pre-order bonus? (that would suck since its in all the guides).


Relic Type Relic Description
Vitality Increases health statistics
Stockpile Increases ammo capacity for various ammo types
Protection Enhances shield capabilities
Strength Enhances Melee ability
Resistance Decreases damage received by verious damage types
Tenacity Improves second wind capabilities
Proficiency Action skill cooldown rate
Elemental Specific damage type increased for the elemental item
Aggression Specific weapon type enhanced
Allegiance Specific manufactuer’s product enhanced


 Unique and Rare/Legendary Relics

Relic Relic Characteristic Relic Location
Lucrative Opportunity Causes shop timers to count down faster the reward Marcus gives you for turning in the quest “Safe and Sound” to him, instead of turning it in to Moxxie and getting the shotgun “The Heartbreaker”  (Thanks To Alex for the update)
Deputy’s Badge Increases fight for your life time by 10% for every player equipped with a deputy’s badge Mission: “Showdown”
Sheriff Badge Increases fight for your life time and max health by 15% for every player equipped with a sheriff’s badge Sherrif, Lynchwood
Moxxi’s Endowment Increases XP gained by killing enemies Mission” The good, the bad and the mordecai”
Vault Hunter’s Relic Increases chance of enemies dropping rare loot For sure it came with the pre-order .. dont know anyone else that has found one yet outside of that.. let me know.
The Afterburner Enhances vehical boost capabilities Mission: “Positive self-image”

Last note on the post: the image above has nothing to do with relics, I just thought it was a great shot 🙂

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