Borderlands 2 – Legendary Rare Guns Location Guide

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As you have read in one of our previous guides How to Get Legendary Weapons this guide will explain where to actually get the legendary rare weapons.  As we also previously explained the best way to accumulate legendary weapons is Boss farming, but there are a lot of Bosse’s in Borderlands right? so which ones make the drops?.. we have listed below the ones that we know drop Legendary weapons, these can be from any gun type, rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers,pistols and SMG’s .  Now legendary weapon drops are not guaranteed but defeating these bosses will greatly increase your chances of a legendary drop, you may have to try a few times but hey that’s the whole point of boss farming and with all the extra loot you can sell it off and go play some slots at Moxies and try your luck there.

So lets explain again how Boss farming works.  It’s a really simple concept actually, save at a check point (Hero’s Pass I believe is the closes to Handsome Jack and The Warrior) go fight a boss and repeat the cycle for as many times as you like.  This works best when in True Vault Hunter Mode or 2.5 mode but even in your first go through this is a really good trick to stock up on some good gear. Of course some of this Legendary gear has a level requirement that you will probably not have on your first run through, level 50 is usually reached half way through Vault Hunter mode or so.  Ready to go? lets get started:

Legendary Assault Rifle Drop Locations

Name Manufacturer Drop Location
Madhous! BANDIT Mad Dog – Lynchwood
Veruc DAHL Mobley – The Dust
Hammer Buster JAKOBS MCNally – The Dust (Bane)
KerBlaster TORGUE Warmong – Southern Shelf
Shredifier VLADOF Bone Head 2.0 – Arid Nexus

Legendary Pistol Drop Locations

Name Manufacturer Drop Location
Gub BANDIT Laney – The Fridge
Hornet DAHL Knuckle Dragger – Windshear Waste
Maggie JAKOBS Mick Zaford (side with Hodunks)
Thunderball Fists MALIWAN Captain Flynt – Southern Shelf
Gunerang TEDIORE Rakk Man – The Fridge
Unkempt Harold TORGUE The Warrior, Vault of the Warrior/Savage Lee, Three Horns Divide
Infinity VLADOF Doc Mercy – Three Horns Valley
Logan’s Gun MALIWAN Wilhelm – End of the Line

Legendary Rocket Launcher Drop Locations

Name Manufacturer Drop Location
Badaboom BANDIT King Mong – Eridium Blight
Pyrophobia MALIWAN Clayton – Frostburn Canyon
Norfleet MALIWAN Vermivorous the Invincible
Bunny TEDIORE Chubby enemies
Nukem TORGUE Black Queen
Mongol VLADOF Dukino’s Mom – Demon Hunter

Legendary Shotgun Drop Locations

Name Manufacturer Drop Location
Conference Call HYPERION First target of mission – The talon of God
Striker JAKOBS Old Slappy – Highland Outwash
Deliverance TEDIORE Tumba – Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
Flakker TORGUE Second target of mission – The talon of God
Sledge’s Shotgun MALIWAN Smash Head – The Fridge, The Warrior

Legendary Sniper Rifle Drop Locations

Name Manufacturer Drop Location
Pitchfork DAHL Target of mission – You will Die.. seriously
Skullmasher JAKOBS Son of Motherrakk – Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
Volcano MALIWAN The Warrior – Vault of the Warrior
Lyudmila VLADOF Gettle, the dust – The good, the bad and the mordecai
Longbow HYPERION Badass Creepers – Caustic Caverns

Legendary SMG Drop Locations

Name Manufacturer Drop Location
Slagga BANDIT Jimbo & Tector Hodunk (side with Zafords during “Clan War”)
Emperor DAHL The assassings – Southpaw Steam & Power
HellFire MALIWAN Scorch – Frostburn Canyon
Baby Maker TEDIORE Madame Von Bartlesby, Tundra Express / Mad Dog, Lynchwood



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