Assassins Creed III – Weapons Beginners Guide

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In Assassins Creed 3 you have the standard weapons that are always with you, this includes your fists and the hidden blade.  Throughout the game you will find new weapons and equip your character with better and more effective weapons in the same weapon class.  Each weapon has a distinct advantage and is rated in these three categories:


Damage – The amount of damage that is dealt per blow.

Speed – the ability to attack fast and more frequently, slower the weapon the less number of attacks you can do per second.

Combo – The number of time you need to hit an enemy before delivering a finishing blow or combo.


The Weapons that are available to you which you can use early on in the sequences are as follows:

Hidden Blade – Your character always has the hidden blade, you cannot lose it or drop it so unless you get your arm chopped off this thing is well.. like part of your arm.

Fists – Unless your hands get cut off you will always be able to beat people up (no your arms cannot get cut off in this game)

Sword – It’s a sword, has good range when fighting but it’s a little slow

Pistol – It’s a gun, one shot only and takes a really long time to reload.

Musket – Pretty much the same deal as a pistol other then the increased damage and range, really good to do a one shot deal but takes forever to reload so its pretty much useless after that.


Beyond the weapons that you can use in the first few sequences there are a huge range of weapons that you can get throughout the game.  Each weapon is broken down into its weapon classification and again with its three stats of Damage, Speed and Combo.  Each class has upgrades as you can imagine as the game progresses you will find, achieve and be able to purchase better weapons.

Small Weapons – faster attack speed with weapons such as Tomahawk, hidden blade, daggers and knives.

Heavy Weapons – Mostly axes that you can get when you kill Grenadiers, can be purchased from Sequence 6 onwards.  Axes have good reach but are a little slow and cumbersome, you can do small combo’s with the axes and they can be very effective in this manner.

Normal Weapons – Gives decent range and speed, these include swords, rapier’s and saber’s.

Blunt Weapons – Functionality very similar to heavy weapons, short combos but heavy damage.

Ranged Weapons – These are weapons that can disable enemies from a distance, very effective as an assassin and include Bow’s, Pistol’s, Poison darts and rope darts.

Gadgets – The infamous smoke bombs and Trip mines.

Stay tuned for a more in depth guide on each weapon class and stats.

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