Assassins Creed 3 – Unlocking Manor Trophies Guide

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Just like the Mementos guide we wrote earlier on in our Assassins Creed 3 guide series we will show you how to unlock all Manor trophies in the game.  Lets first explain what manor trophies are, in AC3 you have a Manor that you can decorate with different items that you achieve and unlock throughout the missions, sequences and goals.  To unlock these Manor Trophies you need to complete AC3 with a 100% completion rating these are also referred to as completion trophies hence you will be required to do things like 100% synchronization ratings and literally complete the game at its fullest, not a half asses run through just to get to the end.  The Manor trophies once unlocked will show up in your Manor where these items can be viewed.

Do you want all the Manor Trophies? Then you will have to buck up and go through the complete game end-to-end as Ubisoft intended mastering each and every mission, sequence, kill, assassination and movement.


Manor Trophy How to Unlock this Manor Trophy
Know it All Complete all sequences with 100% synchronization rating
More Than Stories Complete all side missions with 100% synchronization rating
Anchors Aweigh Complete all naval locations with 100% synchronization rating
New York Liberation Complete all liberation missions in New York
Boston Liberation Complete all liberation missions in Boston
Free the People Liberate all forts
The Art of Conversation Complete all Ambient conversations with Connor
A Place Called Home Upgrade all workers to their maximum level
Shipshape Purchase all the ship upgrades
Spoils of War Attack 10 convoys
Friends in High Places Get all your recruits to Assassin Rank
Boston Exploration Un-fog the entire Boston map
New York Exploration Un-fog the entire New York map
Frontier Exploration Un-fog the entire Frontier map

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