Assassin’s Creed 3 Thieves Club challenges guide

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With Hunting Club, Frontiersmen and Boston’s Brawlers challenges under the belt, it’s time to become a thief!
To unlock the Thieves Club challenges you just have to pickpocket a total of 100£ from Sequence 5. Beware that these challenges may be quite hard to complete, definitely harder than the previous ones we covered.

Thieves Club challenges tier 1

    • Catch a courier
    • Kill 10 enemies from hiding places
    • Loot 10 bodies
    • Perform 25 air assassinations
    • Pickpocket 200£

Thieves Club challenges tier 2

    • Escape from open conflict by using escape or hiding 10 times
    • Lure away a guard dog using bait 3 times
    • Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected
    • Steal everything a guard has 3 times
    • Steal everything a rich citizen has without being detected

Thieves Club challenges tier 3

    • Find and empty 10 chests in New York
    • Pickpocket 1500£
    • Poison 5 enemies
    • Successfully attack and loot a convoy three times
    • Win 500£ by playing minigames

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