Assassins Creed 3 – Recruits Assassins Ranks Guide

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In Assassins Creed 3 like any other FPS or FPK game there are rankings and levels to achieve based on XP or experience points.  This guide covers the ranks for your recruits,  there are a total of 11 levels to achieve in what is called the Assassins Ranks with the top level being Assassin.  This will allow you recruits to reach whole new levels of killing and special assassin moves as well as Singature moves.

Signature moves are special moves that can be unlocked for your recruits, these moves are deadly moves that are signature to that specific player (think of it as a finishing move that a wrestler does).

Jamie Colley – Slam Attack – needs to have a heavy weapon

Jacob Zenger – Blunt Attack – Needs to have a blunt weapon

Dobby Carter – Roll & Attack

Clipper Wilkinson – Close range pistol attack


Assassin Level Rank XP Required Special Moves Learned


Private 100 Combo Kill

Air assassination

Weapon swipe


Corporal 200 Double assassination


Duckfoot pistol


Sergeant 300 Ground Kill

Improved assassination

Counter disarm


Officer Cadet 400 Human shield

Improved combo kill



Lieutenant 500 Improved pistol

Counter throw

New melee weapon


Captain 600 Special counter

Resist combo kill


Major 700 Improved assassination

Counter kill


Colonel 800 Double barrel pistol


General 900 Improved combo kill

Resist combo


Field Marshal 1000 Parry reversal

Smoke bomb


Assassin 1100 New weapon

Signature move

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