Assassin’s Creed 3 Naval Locations guide

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The Naval Locations missions in Assassin’s Creed 3 are subquests related to the hunting of the treasure of legendary Captain Kidd.
This guide will help you complete the missions and take the treasure for yourself: let’s get on board people!

  • Fort Wolcott

Perform three ledge assassinations
You can make this one easy if you choose the guards in the right positions. The first is above you, get to the front and wait for him to come near. The second one is in a large room with three guards: take down the first two and get the third near the ledge to the left at the end of the room. You can’t miss the third one: after you get the treasure you’ll jump close to the guard.

Limit health loss and achieve minimum kill streak
The best way to get these done is learn the route, avoid the fire and try to get a kill streak. It may take more than one try.

  • Dead chest treasure challenge

Perform running assassination
You know how to do them right? You have to do it three times: the enemies you’ll meet during the chase are your easy targets.

Stay within range of your target
Don’t get slowed down by anything, keep speeding and you shouldn’t have any problem.

Kill the target before he reaches the cave
The target is really fast, you’re gonna have some problems. The best chance you’ll have is right before he enters the cave.

  • The ghost ship

Reach Octavius within time limit
Easy one: don’t make too many mistakes and just run!

Do not fall in the water
You won’t have any problem with this one

  • The Mad Doctor’s Castle

Reach the assailant’s location within the time limit
Climb the bear and then keep going from the mammoth’s tusk and on the bells.

Solve the riddle within the time limit
Just change the time on the clock to 4:50.

  • Oak Island

Solve the riddles within time limit
The four puzzles are really easy so you’ll probably do it without even trying

Don’t use ranged weapons against animals
Don’t use guns or bows. It’s gonna be easy.

Limit health loss
You need to be extra precise with the quick time events. Hang on, it’s a lot harder than it looks like!

  •  The Ruins at Cerros

Available only when you pre-ordered (pre-order bonus) or if you purchased the collectors edition

Upon completion you will recieve Captain Kidd’s Sawtooth Cutlass

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