Assassin’s Creed 3 Mutiplayer Abilities Guide Part 3

With this last part we’ll cover the remaining multiplayer abilities for Assassin’s Creed 3 online play.

Poison Dart

Poison is another offensive ranged weapon like the Pistol: it’s activated in the same way but it has lesser range. Once an opponent is hit by the dart, he’ll be poisoned and will day after some time. It has some advantages over the simple poison because you don’t have to take risks by getting close to enemies but also many disadvantages: enemies will easily spot you, it has a terrible cooldown and it’s hardly usable as a defensive ability unlike other ranged weapons and it’s range is not so great. You can use crafting to decrease the cooldown and the weapon can be mildly useful during Deathmatch but overall you’d better use something more useful in a variety of situations.

Smoke Bomb

The most unbalanced weapon of Assassin’s Creed comes back and it’s as useful as it was before: once used choking gas will spread completely stunning opponents. It can be used in a variety of different situations both defensively and offensively since it completely blocks any action. With the lag after using removed you may think the smoke bomb is the perfect way to achieve victory once again but it’s not like that this time: the introduction of some new abilities like Wipe makes it less effective. It’s still a  great ability and once you improve cooldown and duration with crafting it becomes even better!


With Teleport you will be teleported away from your current location to another. The place you’ll reappear can’t be targeted precisely but you’ll be able to choose a general area.
The ability activation has a slow animation which can be interrupted by ranged weapons so you must be careful to use it at the right time. It can be useful to win chases and for making escapes too. While crafting it’s important to boost activation time: anything else is just a waste of points.

Throwing Knives

The mother of all ranged abilities, you can do a lot of things with the Throwing Knives: slowdown, stun, make enemies fall from ladders and roofs, interrupt most actions with activation times and of course kill. In Assassin’s Creed 3 Knives have an activation sound like the Pistols so they’re not so stealthy any longer and, unlike pistols, you have to be more careful with aiming since the projectiles won’t reach you target right away.
To improve the Throwing Knives you can boost cooldown and duration.

Tripwire Bomb

Using a Tripwire bomb means leaving an almost invisibile trap on the ground which will activate when someone steps on it. It has the same effect as the Smoke Bomb without the advantage of better activation conditions. It’s a weapon that can be used effectively during matches that don’t require moving around to much like Domination. It’s very situational and not overly useful ability.
In crafting you should focus in boosting range and nothing else.


By using Wipe no nearby opponent will be able to use any ability for a few moments, which can be made longer through crafting. As a side effect Wipe will also clear Whispers and Heartbeats so if your pursuers haven’t located you yet you’ll gain some more time to do your bidding undetected.
Since it’s going to be evident when you’re using the Wipe, make sure you’re doing it at the right time since it only prevents ability use and opponents may still be able to kill or stun you.

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