Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer tips

Up until now we have tried to guide you through most of the secrets of Assassin’s Creed 3 single player campaign. Now it’s time to get some tips and trick out for the multiplayer modes which will help you become a better player.


Before getting to the real meat of the guide it’s important to talk about the HUD since it’s gonna be your best weapon during multiplayer: being able to read the HUD effectively is to understand what’s going on on the battlefield, allowing you to plan your moves in the best way possible. Also be sure to be able to hear any sound or noise properly, since most of the times they’ll give the presence of an opponent away: the Whispers are the first indicators, but they’re not the only ones. Being able to predict an opponent using a certain ability will make you react more efficiently.
When reading the HUD I suggest not going after targets with multiple pursuers: the reward may be nice but the risk is higher and if you get killed you’ll just end up loosing time. It’s better to go after isolated targets: they may be able to put up a better fight but you’ll have to worry less about being killed during the confrontation. The same can be said during team modes: if all your team mates are after a target, what good could you do by going as well? You may be needed elsewhere. Remember, teamwork is the key!

The hunted and the hunters

Now that you know the significance of the HUD, it’s time to get into the action: how should you proceed?
You can try going after the nearest target and keep on killing but that hardly will make you go far: you have to remember that while you’re on the move you’re both hunter and prey and hunting while being hunted can really complicate things. Going after your pursuers first is also the fastest way to make points since you’ll get in contact with them before you could ever reach a different target. Once you are close to each other you can try some simple defensive manouvers or go for the kill. Having said that, it’s not that you should always make an effort in going after your pursuers: you need to read the situation carefully and decide the best course of action, that’s why learning to understand the HUD fully is fundamental.

That Rookie is mine!

One mistake most players do is underestimate their opponents: never do that! What you need to do is consider every opponent you’ll face as the strongest and most cunning: if you see your target stalling or moving in a strange pattern it’s probably not because they’re clueless but because they’re waiting for their chance. When approaching a target always consider the possible traps they may have prepared for you and even change targets if it becomes too risky: winning a match is a matter of points after all and making more of them with a lower scoring kill is always better than risking all your points for a single bigger kill.

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