Assassins Creed 3 – Master Chest Keys Guide

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Chests in Assassins Creed 3 are scattered all over Boston, New York and The Frontier, these chests contain reward content such as cash and crafting recipes.  In normal play Connor needs to pick these locks to obtain the loot inside the chests which may take a while.  However completing Liberation missions grants you a “Master Key” to all the chests in the specific region allowing you to save time opening the chests and obtaining the loot inside.  The only exceptions to this master key is the chests located in the forts, these will always need to be picked regardless if you have the master key or not.

Here is a chart listing how to obtain the chest keys for each region, five chest keys are unlocked by completing the Liberation Missions in each region.  However Frontier and Boston Central are unlocked simply by completing sequences within the game.

Region How to Unlock Master Chest Key
Frontier Sequence 5
Boston Central Memory 2 Sequence 6
Boston North Boston Central Liberation Mission
Boston South Boston South Liberation Mission
New York North New York North Liberation Mission
New York East New York East Liberation Mission
New York West New York West Liberation Mission


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