Assassin’s Creed 3 – Inventions Guide

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Inventions are another aspect of Assassin’s Creed 3 that keeps setting it further and further apart from your run-of-the-mill release that hits shelves in time for the Christmas developer-pay-day. By requiring combinations of skills and materials, the ‘inventions’ mechanic gives wonderful incentive to explore the game’s world and take in the wonderment. But just so you don’t spend half of that time trying to figure out what you’re looking for in the first place, here’s a nifty something for the AC 3 craftsman.

Busy Body: Blacksmith (Level 2), Iron Ore (From Miner), & Sand (From Miner)

Electrostatic Generator: Blacksmith (Level 4), Doctor (Level 3), Copper (From Miner), Iron Ore (From Miner), & Sand (From Miner)

Franklin Stove: Blacksmith (Level 3), Iron Ore (From Miner), & Silver Ore (From Miner)

Glass Armonica: Blacksmith (Level 4), Charcoal (From Lumberer), & Sand (From Miner)

Joseph Priestly Soda Apparatus: Innkeeper (Level 1), Fresh Water (From Farmer), & Glass Bottles (Material)

Kite & Key: Tailor (Level 2), Kindling (From Lumberer), & Linsey-Woolsey (Material)

Leyden Jar: Blacksmith (Level 2), Copper Ore (From Miner), Fresh Water (From Farmer), & Glass Bottles (Material)

Orrery: Blacksmith (Level 1), Woodworker (Level 2), Copper Ore (From Miner), & Rosewood Lumber (From Lumberer)

Watt Steam Engine: Blacksmith (Level 3), Fresh Water (From Farmer), & Iron Ore (From Miner)

The names of at least half of these inventions sound like obscure 90’s rock bands. Watt Steam Engine would make an interesting prog-rock trio.

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