Assassin’s Creed 3: Hunting Society challenges guide

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Just like in previous entries of the series, various groups will try to help Connor during the game: you can consider them as an evolution of the old faction missions that Ezio had to complete.
All the clubs can be joined from Sequence 5: in this guide we will cover the Hunting Society challenges.

To unlock the Hunting Society challenges all you have to do is hunt and skin an animal: Connor will be approached by a representative of the society when he’s traveling in the Frontier. To unlock a new tier of challenges you must complete the preceding tier.

Hunting Society challenges tier 1

  • Kill 5 deers
  • Kill a bear with the Hidden Blade
  • Kill a wolf
  • Sell spoils worth 500 £
  • Skin 10 animals
  • Use bait with a snare to capture 5 animals

Hunting society challenges tier 2

  • Capture 20 animals with the snare
  • Kill 10 animals with the Hidden Blade
  • Kill 15 animals with the bow
  • Skin 25 animals
  • Stealth kill 5 animals using bait

Hunting Society challenges tier 3

  • Collect 50 undamaged pelts
  • Complete the hunting map by skinning all animal types in all hunting regions of the Frontier and the Homestead
  • Kill 5 animals while riding on a horse
  • Kill 10 animals in close combat: to make the kill count you have to win the quick time events, any other type of kill won’t be counted
  • Skin all animal types
  • Trade spoils for a total of 2000£

After completing all the challenges you’ll be rewarded with a Memento at the manor.

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