Assassin’s Creed 3 Full Synchronization Guide Part 4

It’s finally time to run through the last 3 sequences in Assassin’s Creed III. Are you ready to witness the end of Connor’s story? here we go!

Sequence 10


  • Memory 1 – Alternate Methods

Use two guards as human shields
Jump down to help Haytham and watch the firing line at the end of the area. When the arrow appears grab someone and use him as a shield

Tackle the target from above
During the chase when the redcoat will go right, into an alley, don’t follow him, go straight and then head into the right, coming out in front of him. Head towards where he’s coming from, use the cart to get up on the post above him and tackle him from this position

  • Memory 2 – Broken Thrust

Do not touch the ground
It’s not too hard: during the horse sequence dispose of single enemies using the pistol and do horse to horse assassinations near grouped enemies.

Stop the patriot messenger within 3 minutes
You should do it by simply speeding through. You may get this even without really trying

Stop the Kanien’keha:ja with non lethal methods
Only use your fists to stop your tribesman. Pretty easy huh?

  • Memory 3 – Battle of Monmouth

Neutralize 8 platoons with a single cannonball
Aim at the platoon with the cannon and you’ll do it easily

Kill 2 platoons simultaneously with a single cannonball
This can be tricky: the best way to do it is to shoot at the beginning, before they start moving, since they’re really close. Aim down at the road and hope for the best

Sequence 11

  • Memory 1 – Battle of the Chesapeake

Destroy 3 ships with a single broadside
Pretty easy, you shouldn’t have any problems at this point.

Destroy 2 frigates by firing on their powder stores
First you have to expose the store by damaging the front of the ships. One of the ships has its weak point already exposed

Counter kill 5 enemies
This one is easy as well: you can do it with ease once you board the Man Of War

  • Memory 2 – Lee’s Last Stand

Reach the signal tower within 3 minutes
Take out the guard at the top of the well. Run to the left to the first corner and peek: after the guard has passed by proceed forward to the fence on the left side and peek again. Let two more guards pass and head across the road, climb the building in front of you and once at the top hide behind the chimney. Once the nearby guard turns his back take him down; move on towards the crossing rooftops, until you get near the enemy. take him down as well but don’t let him drop to the ground. Perform a Leap of Faith and take out anothe guard near the cart; get the other guard close you you by whistling and take him down as well. Now you can get to the right side of the tower and climb to the top

Remain undetected in the way to the signal fire
By following the previous strategy you’ll complete this objective as well

Limit health loss to 50%
Use the environment to your advantage during the battle against Haytham

Sequence 12

  • Memory 1 – Laid to Rest

Limit regular kills to 15
Avoid killing anyone and you’ll be all right

Kill the HMS Jersey’s Captain
Using a Poison Dart will make your life much easier

Escape the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict
After killing the captain jump off the side of the ship to remain undetected

  • Memory 2 – Chasing Lee

Stay within 50 meters of Lee
Try to keep sprinting and dispose of any enemy using the pistol. As long as you know where to go you’ll be constantly on Lee’s tail.

Do not shove anyone during the chase
Don’t shove anyone at all

Do not take fire damage
As long as you know where to go you won’t be damaged by the fire

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