Assassin’s Creed 3 Frontiersmen challenges guide

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In the previous guide we covered the Hunting Club challenges, now it’s time to tackle the Frontiersmen challenges!

To unlock these challenges you have to complete Sequence 4 and visit a Frontiersmen campfire in the Frontier. By taking “The Boy who cried Wolf” mission the challenges will open. Just like the Hunting challenges, to unlock a new tier you must complete all the tasks included in the previous one.

Frontiersmen challenges tier 1

  • Collect 5 feathers
  • Discover the locations of all forts
  • Discover 5 underground network entrances
  • Explore the canopy by traveling 100 meters
  • Perform 10 leaps of faith
  • Reach 5 viewpoints

Frontiersmen challenges tier 2

  • Climb a total of 1500 meters
  • Complete an Almanac
  • Discover the location of every trading post
  • Dive into the water from a height of 50 meters
  • Listen to all of Washington’s conversations

Frontiersmen challenges tier 3

  • Discover all of the underground network entrances in New York and Boston
  • Reach all viewpoints
  • Reveal all of Boston’s map
  • Reveal all of the Frontier’s map
  • Reveal all of New York’s map

Unlike other challenges, there’s no reward for completing the Frontiersmen challenges, other than feeling proud for having completed all the tasks!

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