Assassins Creed III – Feathers Locations Guide

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Feathers make a come back as a collectible in Assassins Creed 3.  Feathers can be found only in Frontier which is the largest area in the map starting in sequence seven.  And There are a total of 50 feathers in frontier map.

Feathers are usually high up in trees in birds nests (but not always) and some of them are already marked on the map; some of the feathers are not automatically marked and will take additional investigation to locate them.  You can also purchase a map from the store to reveal their positions but you will need to buy multiple maps to reveal all feathers since the Frontier map is so large.  Feathers unlike Almanac Pages dont move around as you try to catch them these are static positions but you will still need to use some skill and proper approach to get them.  You can also listen for the unique feather sound if they are near by, however again its such a huge map that if your depending purely on this feature to find the harder to get feathers.. your probably wasting a lot of time.  Use the map below and head in the correct direction where the red dots are and you should be able to locate all the feathers in Frontier.

If you manage to find all Assassin’s Creed III Feathers you will receive the Kanien’keha:ka outfit.


Black Creek – 11 Feathers
Kanièn:keh – 3 Feathers
John’s Town – 2 Feathers
Valley Forge – 2 Feathers
Diamond Basin – 4 Feathers
Great Piece Hills – 4 Feathers
Concord – 2 Feathers
Lexington – 5 Feathers
Packanack – 5 Feathers
Troy’s Wood – 5 Feathers
Scotch Plains – 3 Feathers
Monmouth – 4 Feathers

As you can see these are approximate feather locations and the regions borders are not exactly correct but it will give you a good idea of where to start traveling to locate the feathers on the map.

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