Assassins Creed 3 – Collectibles Guide

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Hey AC3 players, here is the first in many guides we will post for assassins creed 3.  We wanted to start off with some really basic in game play guides like what types of collectibles exists, the types of enemies and of course the types of weapons (all these guides will be up this week).

So to start we have Collectibles, if you have played Assassins Creed before you know that they are basically hidden items that are found during game play.  In AC3 there are four different types of collectibles: Almanac Pages, Feathers, Treasure Chests and Peg Leg’s Trinkets.  Many of these items can be found in plain sight but some are often hidden and tied to a specific challenge.  We will be covering these specific item locations in future guides each on their own or within the certain area.

Almanac Pages: These collectible items are only found in the Boston and New York area.  Collection of Almanacs are required for game completion and once you collect all four pages of a certain Almanac you obtain a crafting recipe for one of Ben Franklin’s inventions.

They are a little tricky as they will begin to float away once Connor moves within a certain distance to the item.  You must time it just right and direct your approach carefully in order to retrieve the item before they fly away.  If you happen to let the Almanac float away they will respawn to their original location once you move a couple streets away and come back to the area.  A quick tip is if you are close to a Fast Travel location you can simply jump to that location and come back to reset the Almanac position.

Feathers: These collectibles can only be found in the Frontier areas, usually high up in trees.  Collecting Feathers allows you to unlock achievements and other in game features.  Most feathers are easy to find in obvious locations but stay tuned for future guides for Feathers that are in hard to find locations.

Treasure Chests: These collectibles are located in regions: Boston, New York and Frontier.  All Chests found in the cities are secured and require Connor to pick the lock to open them.  The chests contain rewards such as cash and crafting recipes.  Completing the Liberation missions give Connor the keys to all strongboxes related to the specific area/district the only acceptations to this is the chests located in the forts that always need to be picked to open.  The cash rewards for chests in the forts are quite large ranking from the 7500-10000 range.

Peg Leg’s Trinkets: These collectibles are located throughout the entire game and are required to unlock Naval locations in the Captain Kidd’s treasure side story.

Chest Rewards Per Region:

Region Total Reward Special Item Recipes
Boston 26,250
  • Lincolns sword
  • Broken sword
  • Royal navy sea service flint lock
  • Naval duckfoot
Frontier 31,750
  • Italian flintlock
  • English flintlock pistol
  • War tomahawk
  • French naval axe
New York 25,500
  • Royal pistol
  • Washingtons battle sword
  • French coat pistol


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