Assassin’s Creed 3 Boston Brawlers challenges guide

Assassin’s Creed 3 Boston Brawlers challenges guide

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After having covered Hunting club and Frontiersmen challenges, it’s time to tackle the Brawlers challenges.

To unlock the first tier of the challenges you just have to beat an opponent with just the bare fists from Sequence 5. A Boston Brawlers rappresentative will approach you: complete the “Boston’s Most Wanted” mission and the first tier of the challenges will become available.

Boston Brawlers challenges tier 1

  • Achieve a 5 enemy kill streak
  • Disarm 5 enemies
  • Kill 5 enemies affected by a smoke bomb in no more than 10 seconds
  • Kill 10 officers
  • Kill 25 enemies with the hidden blade
  • Stealth kill 10 enemies

Boston Brawlers challenges tier 2

  • Have the assassin recruits assist Connor in combat 10 times
  • Kill 10 granadiers
  • Kill an enemy with all types of weapons: hidden blade, small weapons, normal weapons, blunt weapons, musket, pistol, bow, trip mine, rope dart and poison dart
    Liberate 3 forts
  • Perform 5 double assassinations

Boston Brawlers challenges tier 3

  • Achieve a 7 enemy kill streak
  • Defend yourself from firing 10 times with a human shield
  • Disarm and kill 5 jagers with their own weapons
  • Own every weapon available in stores
  • Use a rope dart to do a predator move 5 times

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