Assassin’s Creed 3 Assassin Guild guide

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By completing all liberation missions you’ll recruit 6 assassins and with each new recruit you’ll obtain a new ability to use in battle. To make the best out of each recruit you need to raise their rank to that of Assassin by earning 1100 experience points for each recruit: the easiest way to do so is send the recruit on liberation missions all over the country. Once you bring up the mission available menu, you’ll notice some states colored red: they’re under British control and you have to complete each mission available for that state to liberate a region. I suggest getting the recruits to level 4 or 5 or send more than 2 recruits on each mission to ensure you’ll complete it in your first try even though there’s no real penalty for failing these missions since the recruits can’t be killed, unlike in Brotherhood and Revelations.
Once a state has been liberated it will turn blue on the map and, as an added bonus, it will improve the success rate of missions done on bordering states. Also, don’t worry about running out of missions since new missions will costantly appear even in liberted states.

Here’s the Assassins’ names, locations and abilities

Clipper Wilkinson – Boston South

  • Marksmen: all assassins will open fire on the target and up to 5 minions. If there’s any survivor after firing, the assassin’s will fight the remanining enemies

Duncan Little – Boston North

  • Bodyguard: All Assassins will follow Connor and assassinate any enemy that enters red alert status

Dobby Carter – New York North

  • Lure: One Assassin will lure all the guards away from Connor

Jamie Colley – New York West

  • Ambush: You can leave a circle on the ground as the ambush point: any enemy getting into the circle will be killed

Jacob Zenger – New York East

  • Covert Escort: Assassins will escort Connor disguised as British soldiers: once Connor breaks the group, all assassins will attack any enemy in the vicinity

Stephane Chaphreau – Boston Central

  • Assassinate: assassinate the target
  • Riot:One Assassin will cause a riot and lure all the enemy guards away

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