Assassin’s Creed 3 Animus Synching and hacks guide

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After you finish Assassin’s Creed 3 main campaign a new side mission opens up which offers some really nice rewards.You can only play this side mission online expect for the first tutorial which will help you get your first three Pivots: Tau, Zeta and Rho. The Animus synching side mission is tied to your profile so even if you begin a new playthrough, you’ll still have access to it. There’s a reason this mode can only be played online: the goal is to collect Pivots scattered all over the game’s world and they’ll be placed by other players in the game.

The only way to locate other Pivots is by placing the Pivots you already collected on the Animus Synching map; when Pivots are planted an area of the map will become green and that’s the general area where you’ll find a Pivot. You can reduce the green area by arranging your Pivots: once close to the Pivot a target icon will appear on your mini map, approach it and the Pivot is yours! New Pivots appear once every 15 min of active game time, time spent on the menus won’t count. Spawning time is reduced depending on your friends’ list: if you’re friends have obtained the first Pevot, each qualifying friend will increase spawning speed by 20%; with five qualifying friends overall time is reduced by half.

The Pivots you place will appear on other players’ maps as well: if they find them you won’t loose them, just their placement will be lost. Most of the times you’ll find Pivots on open areas but there may be times when they’re placed in hard to reach areas Animus Hacks

Once you have collected enough Pivots you’ll unlock the Animus Hacks, special cheats that can be activated from the options menu.

  • Made of Steel

You can’t get hurt

  • Infinite Ammunition

Unlimited ammo

  • Sun and Moon

You can choose between day and night

  • Killing Spree

You can assassinate an enemy even when in open conflict

  • Semi-Automatic

No reload time for ranged weapons

  • Ninja

Guard detection and investigation is disabled

  • Recruit

Infinite recruitment tokens

  • Weather Man

You can set the weather at will

  • Thunder Kill

Every kill comes with a peel of lighting and thunder noise

  • Season Changer

You can manually set the season

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