Assassin’s Creed 3 100% Synchronization guide part 2

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In the first part of the guide we covered the first three sequences in Assassin’s Creed 3. Let’s move on, we have more Sequences to 100%!

Sequence 4

  • Memory 1 – Hide and Seek

Find all the children without making a mistake
Use the clues in the forest to help you: each clue will narrow down the search area. The first kid is hiding behind a rock on the right side, near the leaves. The second kid is hidden in a pile of leaves above the area where the first kid is. The third one he’s directly across the second one, hidden in a pile of leaves surrounded by Aspens.

Find all the children within four minutes
Follow the above tips and you’ll be fine

  • Memory 2 – Feathers and Trees

Do not touch the ground or water
This is easy: just keep running and you’ll be done. When near the water wait for your trainee, help him and move one

Find three more feathers
There are plenty of feathers in the area. Once you know the exact location of them, replay the memory to do it without problems

  • Memory 3 – Hunting Lessons

Hunt and skin three different types of animal
Pretty easy: hunt a deer, fox and hare. Mission accomplished

Air assassinate two animals
Get up on the road and you’ll see a tree: climb it, toss some bait and choose your targets

  • Memory 4 – Something to remember

Make no more than 2 collisions
This can be frustrating: once inside the tree try to plan ahead to avoid the collisions

Sequence 5

  • Memory 1 – A boorish man

Limit health loss to 50%
Use the counter to avoid damage

  • Memory 2 – A trip to Boston

Escape within 80 seconds
To escape quickly, run straight down the rooftops and jump into the Hay Bale

  • Memory 3 – Boston’s most wanted

Don’t raise your notoriety to level 3
To keep notoriety down, take down the wanted posters after each kill

  • Memory 4 – River rescue

Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry
You need to be really quick so that you’re close to Terry when you get on the last log: if you touch the water and the cutscene starts, you’ll have done everything correctly

  • Memory 5 – The hard way

Sustain no damage before reaching Martha’s vineyard
Don’t get hut by anything while using the ship

Use the swivel gun to destroy 2 ships
Easy one, just use the gun to destroy some ships

Successfully brace during an attack on three occasions
While passing through the red zones on the water, make your crew duck down. Do it three times and you’ll be done

Sequence 6

  • Memory 1 – On Johnson’s trail

Stay below notoriety level 2
Try not to kill anyone and if you really have to, make sure to take down some posters afterwards

Use firearms no more than 6 times
Use the gun or musket only when absolutely necessary

Use powder kegs to blow up 3 caches
Move the red powder kegs close to the caches and fire at them

  • Memory 2 – The Angry Chef

Have no more than 15 seconds of open conflict in a single battle
Stealth is the way to go for this one

Limit Chapheau’s health loss to 50%
Dispose of your enemies quickly to reduce damage

Perform five Low Profile Assassinations
Use Chapheau as bait so while Redcoats are fighting you can use the hidden blade to kill them

  • Memory 3 – The Tea Party

Dump 10 crates of tea in the water
Pretty self explanatory

Throw 3 Redcoats in the water
Lure the Redcoats near water and use the counter throw

Perform a musket air assassination
Grab a musket on the ship, climb on the edge of the boat overlooking the pier and assassinate a Redcoat


  • Memory 4 – Hostile negotiations

Reach Johnson undetected
Use the leaves and bushes to hide and get close enough to the house without being detected

Kill Johnson before a single Native American is killed
After the cutscene, wait for the patrol to pass and run towards the house. reach the trees and do a free run on the branches to reach the roof of the house: target Johnson and do an air assassination

Perform a swan dive to escape
Once you killed Johnson, run away from the house towards a small cliff: drop down and run towards the water. Get on the hanging log near the edge and dive into the water

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