Persona 4 Golden Death Social Link Guide

The Death Social Link in Persona 4 Golden requires for another Social Link to be improved at Rank 4. You’ll have to initiate and level up the Devil Social Link which can be done by working as a part-time janitor at night. The Death Social Link Stars an old woman, Hisano Kuroda whom can be found on the Samegawa Floodplain location: once you have the Devil Social Link you can talk to the old woman after school.
Once mastered you’ll be able to fuse the strongest Death Arcana persona, Mahakala. You’ll be able to meet her only on Sundays and Holidays.

  • Prologue

Lady in black: Ah… Are you the hospital janitor?

Lady in black: This is such a nice day… if you don’t mind, wanna chat with this old woman?
Spend time with the old lady

Lady in black: I’ve lived here all my life, but… I don’t know you
I just moved here
I won’t be staying long

Lady in black: My, is that so? If you’re from the city, you may think it’s a bit inconvenient here… But I think it’s a nice town.
I think so, too
Everyone says so. but…

K: I am Death
What do you mean?

  • Rank 1

K: Haha, he was a handsome man.
Who are you talking about? (*)
So he didn’t look like me?
Stop staring at me

K: Do I look like Death to you?
Yes, you do
No, you don’t
This is stupid

  • Rank 2

K: Watching the river here with you, like this, brings back memories…
Of what? (*)
What about the river?

K: …I was happy back then
I’m jealous (*)
What about now?

K: He went to Heaven… and I will surely go to Hell
That’s not true (*)
Don’t torture yourself

  • Rank 3

K: My husband’s death anniversary is today, and I’ve just come back from visiting his grave.
Anniversary? (*)
That must have been tough
Don’t be depressed

K: For those trying to reach he gods, and to the families of those people, Death can be an ally.
That may be true
I don’t think so
I don’t really know

K: You don’t quite understand it yet, do you?
I don’t get it
I think I understand

  • Rank 4

K: It must be boring, listening to this old bag’s stories…
It’s actually interesting (*)
I’m just killing time

K: Enough about me. I want to hear something from you. Tell me anything
Talk about the school (*)
Talk about the murders
Talk about girls

K: But… I do not want to see you anymore
Why not?
I’m hurt
But I want to see you

  • Rank 5

K: Being noncommittal… floating around, never deciding to be one thing nor another. Can a man understand that?
I get it. (*)
I don’t get it.

K: However, I wanted to write back so badly, so I just read it instantly while being busy
What’s the content?
Letters are just inconvenient (*)

  • Rank 6

To start this level up event you’ll have to talk to the old lady first, then talk to the man in Daidara and obtain the letter.

What to do…
Read them
Wait for Hisano

K: I’m sure he never imagined that the “Hisa-san” he loved would some day wish to see him dead…
What do you mean?
You didn’t love him?

K: That was his punishment. Punishment for forgetting me…
That’s a cruel tale.
That must’ve been tough.

  • Rank 7

Talk to the man in Daidara again to start the level up event

K: Looks like I just have to receive it…
Take you time (*)
Just try your best

  • Rank 8

K: He wouldn’t agree that he had forgotten me, left me, and died…
I know how you feel (*)
Yes, that’s selfish
I don’t get it

K: Hehe… Well, it’s too late
That’s not true (*)

  • Rank 9

K: Though I didn’t want to leave the place where I was born…
Can’t let go?
Is your husband fine?

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