Hitman: Absolution Welcome To Hope Mission Challenges Guide

While the Rosewood mission was somewhat shorter than the other missions, the Welcome to Hope mission in Hitman: Absolution is even shorter, featuring less challenges than usual. Expect the usual mix of challenges here as well. The mission specific ones are all related to the barfight which can be started in the latter parts of the mission.

  • Chameleon

You know the drill by now: find and use all the disguises in the mission. The Hope Police officer can be found easily by taking out a cop and taking the clothes from him; the Truck Driver Disguise can be found easily as well by taking down a truck driver during the mission; the Hope Bouncer Disguise is found in the same way, just locate a bouncer near the bar, send him to hell and get his clothes.

  • Evidence Collector

Smaller mission, less evidence pieces to collect: the only one present in this mission can be found in the Office of the Great Balls Of Fire. Collect it and the challenge will be complete.

  • Infiltrator

I’m sure you know what to do for this challenge: let no enemy spot you. It won’t be too hard, just make the best use out of your disguises.

  • Suit Only

Another typical challenge: no disguise allowed, ever. I found this one pretty easy to do here, given the smaller scope of the mission: still, you always need to be extra careful and avoid getting into too much fights.

  • Chew the Fat

To complete this challenge you’ll have to get to the bartender without starting any barfight. It’s pretty self – explainatory and not hard at all.

  • Clear the Air

I found this one to be pretty funny: start a barfight and get to the bartender but don’t take part in the fight. Let others do the dirty work for you this time

  • Ali

To complete this challenge you’ll have to start the barfight and take down all the bouncers. Careful fighting will get you through this without any trouble.

  • Duck and Cover

Another barfight related challenge: get the fight started but don’t get hit at all. You’ll most likely complete this challenge together with the Clear the Air one, since you’ll be avoiding the fight altogether.

  • Just Passing Through

Congratulations! You have completed the mission and this challenge at the same time.


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