Persona 4: Golden Priestess Social Link Guide

Moving on with all the details on the Social Links in Persona 4: Golden, we’ll cover the Priestess Arcana Social Link. This Social Link will deepen the bond with Yukiko Amagi, the first person who’ll be saved from the mysterious killer. There are no prerequisites for starting the Social Link: it will be initiated automatically on 5/17. Being a party member, you’ll unlock some special battle abilities together with the experience bonus when fusing an Priestess Arcana persona. Being a female you can even choose to start a romantic relationship with her by giving the right answer during the Rank 8 event but mind that there won’t be any noticeable change. After reaching the highest rank Yukiko’s persona will evolve into Amaterasu and you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Priestess Arcana, Scathath. Here are all the answers available during rank up events, the one giving more points towards a level up are marked with a “*”


  • Rank 1

Y: Teacher recommended this book to me because it has details on a bunch of different job licenses
Going to apply for one? (*)
Sensei? (*)

Y: I was thinking something along the lines of an interior decorator… What do you think?
Sounds good (*)
What’s that?
You decide


  • Rank 2

Y: Even eggs come in so many varieties
Making dinner at the inn? (*)
On an errand?

Y: So I’m going to get some practice while I can!
Good luck (*)
There’s no point
Any other skills?

Y: W-Will you…?
Count me in! (*) (Courage Rank 4 required)
I don’t mind
I dunno…


  • Rank 3

For some reason, you sense some very pungent smell
Bon Appetite! (*) (Courage Rank 4 required)
Hmm… today my stomach is a bit sick…
Have you tried it yourself?

Yukiko looks sad
There’s always next time (*)
This won’t cut it
..Can I toss this?

Y: Hmm… thank you for accompanying me all this time
It’s okay
I’m having fun (*)
Just don’t feed me again


  • Rank 4

Y: Then have to look at some desks at the furniture store. Afterwards, maybe a table light
Are you starting something? (*)
How can you carry that many things home?

Y: … those people are from a TV company. They would like to shoot at the Amagi Inn…
Sounds nice
Did you decline?

Y: … I feel relived
That’s selfish


  • Rank 5

Y: I wrote down everything I need, so this shouldn’t take that long
What are you making?
Gotten any better yet? (*)

Y: But it’s not turning out quite like it does in the book, even though I’m following the directions
Get someone to teach you?
Keep practicing (*)
Want me to teach you?

Y: Are they that worried about my cooking…?
You’re pretty bad.
If you started a fire…
They care about you (*)


  • Rank 6

Y: Once I leave this town… I won’t be able to come here again, will I…?
You’re not coming back?
You’re really leaving?

Y: They all have the wrong idea… I’m really sorry…
It’s okay.
They’re not mistaken. (*)


  • Rank 7

Y: I’m sorry, I have to go.
An interview?
You’re going to be on TV?

Y: W-Was I scary?
Yea, you were.
You were cool. (*)
You should’ve said more.


  • Rank 8

Y: … MC, what are you attending the shrine for?
For everyone
For myself
For Yukiko (*)
That’s a secret

Y: C, can I ask… if you don’t mind?
Cause you’re my classmates
Cause you’re my important teammate
Cause I like you (Love relationship *)


  • Rank 9

Y: With all my will, I have decided to stay
That’s great
Have you thought it through?
Keep it up
Y: It’s the charm from that shrine… I hope it will protect MC well
You pray to the god?

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