Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Farm Map Guide

The Farm is one of the smallest maps for all game modes in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Just like the Bus Depot and the Town, you’ll fine lava all around the stage so watch out, you don’t want to get burned to death do you? Better make a zombie get on fire and explode, that’s for sure. The Farm map can also be played by itself on the Survival and Grief modes, featuring less items than the TranZit mode version.

Tips and strategies

Like I already said, the Farm is an extremely small area. The map has only 3 buildings placed close to each other: the Barn, the Shed and the House.

The Barn has two floors and a single entrance: near the entrance you can get the Quick Revive Perk-A-Cola. On the first floor of the Barn you’ll be able to buy the Olympia weapon and on the top floor another Perk-A-Cola vending machine awaits you, selling the Double Tap Root Beer.

The Shack is located directly to the right of the Barn: if you’re playing the Survival or Grief mode there won’t be any weapon or perk inside; if you’re in TranZit mode you’ll be able to buy the Galvaknuckles.

The last building is the House: to open its door you’ll have to spend 750 points. Directly inside you’ll be able to buy the Speed Cola Perk-A-Cola from its vending machine. Climb up to the second floor to find the MP5 Gun and the Jugger Nog Perk-A-Cola vending machine. If you want to try your luck you can buy a random weapon from the Mystery Box located on the balcony.

Only available in TranZit mode are the Lawn Mower, Bus Cow Tipper and Machine Gun items, used to build the Lawn Mower Turret Gun. If you want to store a weapon for the next game, you can use the Fridge in the house: each player can store one weapon. Also, you can reach the Nacht Der Untoten map by going inside the Corn Field: be careful though, Denizens will attack you in the mist and the map has only got an extra weapon, the Remington 870 Shotgun, probably not worth the risks.

As you can see the map is very small and there’s no real secret strategy to employ, other than the usual Zombie mode guidelines.

  • Weapons

M14 – 500 points
Olympia – 500 points
Galvaknuckles – 6000 points – TranZit mode only
MP5 – 1000 points

  • Perk-A-Colas

Quick Revive – 500/1500 points for solo/multiplayer playing
Double Tap Root Beer – 2000 points
Speed Cola – 3000 points
Jugger-Nog – 2500 points

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