Xseed teasing Rune Factory 4 localization?

Rpg fans may be saved for one more time by Xseed: the company has brought over many japanese games that probably would have never made it on the other side of the Pacific. And it looks like they’re going to do it again: after having localized Rune Factory Frontier on Wii in 2009, it seems they will work on a Rune Factory game again, namely Rune Factor 4 released on 3DS last summer.

Rune Factory 4 is the latest entry of the hybrid simulation-roleplaying game series Rune Factory: developed by Neverland Co, the guys behind the Harvest Moon series, it combines the farm managing mechanic of the Harvest Moon games with some dungeon crawling and monster bashing in action rpg fashion. And the union is very well done since the farming element unlocks more items and abilities during the action rpg sequences, actually improving these moments.
Rune Factory 4 has a slew of new features: during romance players will be able to use Dokidoki zoom allowing zooming between the player and the person they are with. Players will also be able to organize their farm hovewer they want since the grid based farming has been removed.
New to the series is also the ability to build the town and attract tourists with the Prince System: if the player manages to build up a good town he’ll earn the Crown of Crown, a symbol fit for the ultimate ruler.

The speculation on Xseed’s localization of the game started with a post of a fan on the team’s official facebook page requesting the game: the publisher answered that they’ve had the itch to work on the series again for quite some time and they looking for a “back stratcher” to make the itch go away. Just wishful thinking or an obvious hint? Only time will tell!



Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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