Paper Mario: Sticker Star new trailer unveiled

Yesterday Nintendo direct has brought a good amount of news for most upcoming Nintendo’s releases. Among them a new trailer for the upcoming 3DS RPG Paper Mario: Sticker Star was shown and can be viewed below.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the fourth entry in the Paper Mario series which started in 2000 with the Nintendo 64 game called “Paper Mario”. developed by Intelligent Systems. As the name suggests Paper Mario introduced a distinctive 2D graphical style as the characters and the enviroments look like paper cutouts in three dimensional papercraft enviroments and it’s not just an aestethical gimmick since characters can use they paper-like nature to do many peculiar actions like ┬ápassing through narrow spaces and even becoming a paper plane and glide towards otherwise inaccesible locations.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star features a similiar visual style than its prequels. This time Mario will have to retrieve the six Royal Stickers that have been scattered throughout the Mushroom Kingdom by Mario archnemesis Bowser. Collectible stickers will play a major role during gameplay as they can be used both on the field and in the turn based battles. On the field Mario can create objects with the stickers to aid him in exploration and activate in game events; stickers available are gonna be crucial in battle too as the number of possible actions are determined by the type and the number of stickers currently in possession. Mario’s growth is also gonna be influenced by stickers.

American stickers collectors will be able to enjoy Paper Mario: Sticker Star on their 3DS starting from November 11. European and Japanese releases are planned for December 6


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