New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon On 3DS

Prepare yourself Pokemon fans, because a new game is on the horizon. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate of the Infinite Labyrinth is set to release this coming winter in Japan for the 3DS. The word Magnagate comes from the use of the augmented reality feature- if you scan things they become Magnagates, and Mangates are used to open up paths to new dungeons. In this game you take the roll of a human-turned-Pokemon, similar to the other Mystery Dungeon games. This installation seems to be a standalone title, rather than having multiple versions as the other ones in the Mystery Dungeon series do.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is not your average Pokemon game- it can be very ruthless. It takes notes from classic rougelike games in which you explore randomly generated dungeons. These dungeons can get tough; they do everything from dropping you randomly into “monster rooms” that are filled to the brim with enemy Pokemon where you receive no help from your teammates, to randomly inflicting you with severe status ailments, to providing an onslaught of random weather that damages your stats.

Magnagate of the Infinite Labyrinth will be entirely 3D, meaning you need a 3DS to play it. This is another reason I’m rather surprised about the lack of partner title. It would be very reminiscent of the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon titles that were released alongside each other; one was for the Advanced and the other was for the Ds.

Being a big fan of the Mystery Dungeon series I with bated breath for further information regarding these new releases. Thanks to Serebii for the information and CoroCoro magazine for the images.

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