New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Ring Locations

In the New Super Mario Bros. 2 there are two types of rings,l  the first type is the red ring in which we are all accustomed to.  Now in The new super Mario bros 2 there is the golden rings, getting one of these golden rings will convert enemies within range for a short time to their gold version counterparts allowing you to achieve additional gold coins.  These gold rings will show on various levels within a world sometimes more often in a level then others but there isn’t always a gold ring on every level.  If you are looking to collect your 1,000,000 coins to unlock the title screen you should play the levels with the most gold rings as there can be some huge coin bonuses then at the end of each level make sure you use the Rainbow Course trick to get even more coins!.

TIPS: Throw a turtle and chase after it to get the trail of coins it leaves behind.

Level Gold Ring Appears Number of gold rings in this level
World 1-4 2
World 1-A 3
World 2-2 1
World 2-4 1
World 3-1 3
World 3-4 1
World 4-1 1
World 4-2 1
World 4-3 1
World 4-4 1
World 5-1 2
World 5-2 5
World 5-3 4
World 5-4 1
World 5-5 1
World 5-A 9
World 6 Boo House 1
World 6-2 1
World 6-2 2
Mushroom World 1 1
Flower World B 1
Star World 5 1

Good luck and if you see we have missed any gold ring locations plese let us know and we will add to the list! this is provided as a work in progress as we find more during game play.

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