New Super Mario Bros 2 – Warp Cannon Locations

Its almost a rule of thumb in Super Mario Brothers games there are ways to traverse levels with the use Warp Cannons,  Following classic tradition New Super Mario Bros 2 is no exception to this rule.  In this game you must make your way through a Warp Cannon level in order to take advantage of the cannons and jump to other worlds.  In order to get through each warp cannon level you must make precision jumps and move in order to get past often times having to jump onto enemies in order to get past a larger open areas as well you have no control over normal game play like speed and direction are not.  There are a total of 4 warp cannons in the game that take you to different area’s of the game located in World 1, World 3, Mushroom World and Flower World.


 World Warp Cannon Location  How to get there
 World 1 Warp Cannon  World 1 Tower You need to find the hidden door just after the mid way flag.  You end up in a room with a Roulette coin block.  Take the door next to the coin block then when you get to the next room there is an open area to the right, go through that area to get to the red goal pole and move on to the warp cannon level. 
 World 3 Warp Cannon  World 3 Tower In order to get to the secret door you will need a mini Mario mushroom.  Just before the mid mark flag there is a small pipe to the left (where the big spike bars are).  Go into that small pipe with mini Mario to vet to the red goal pole and the Warp Cannon level. 
 Mushroom World Warp Cannon  Mushroom B level There is a hidden beanstalk block just above the third chain chomp at the very top of that level (to the left).  Hit that invisible block and go up the beanstalk to get to the red flag and unlock the Warp Cannon level. 
 Flower World Warp Cannon  Flower A Level At the third star coin which is very easy to see you need Raccoon Mario to fly to the top right of the screen where there is a pipe.  Enter the pipe to get to the red flag and unlock the Flower world Warp Cannon level. 

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