New Super Mario Bros 2 – Guide Star Coin Location World 1-1

As in all the previous (recent) Mario games there are star coins located within each level,  Collecting all three star coins is the end goal along with finishing each level.   Collecting these coins will unlock paths and special areas and features of the game.  Star coins near the beginning are easy to find but as you progress through the levels they either become increasingly hard to find or are in hidden places and require you do do some masterful game play with precise timing to get them.

  1. Collect all three star coins for all levels and worlds (for all paths) and get unlimited use of toad houses
  2. You need star coins to unlock the special star world paths

 World 1-1 Star Coin Locations

Star Coin 1 Location – The first star coin is super easy to find and I think its meant to be that way.  in world 1-1 as you get to the first set of note blocks use your jump to bounce up to the star coin.

Star Coin 2 Location – This star coin is also easy to see just above a row of note blocks, the easiest way to get this coin is to break the bottom row of blocks to retrieve this star coin. 

Star Coin 3 Location – the third star coin is a little more tricky, you will need to go into a pipe with a 10x coin block is just before it and a row of three staggered note blocks just after it.  When you go into this pipe it will shoot you into the hidden area where the third and final star coin is located.

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