New Super Mario Bros 2 Coin Rush Tips Guide

In coin rush game mode your primary objective is to collect as many coins as possible while playing through three randomly selected levels.  These levels are identical to the main game levels except you have much less time to complete each level and all 1-up mushrooms are replaced with gold mushrooms which provide bonus coins.  All coins in the coin rush contribute to your million coin goal.  We have compiled a list of basic tips to get you going on your Coin rush journey.

  • Collecting all three star coins will give you bonus coins os 10, 20 and 50.
  • Each gold mushroom collected int he three random levels is worth 50 coins each.
  • When jumping on the goal pole if you reach the very top you will get double the amount of gold coins that you collected through that level.
  • If you are in Gold Mario form you will get double coin rewards for every star coin and gold mushroom you collect.
  • Depending on the level when you reach a checkpoint flag your time increases by 50 seconds up to 100 seconds.
  • Random levels contain Clock items, find a blue clock and add ten seconds of time a green clock gives you 50 seconds of additional time.
  • Look for all the 10 coin blocks.
  • If you are in fire Mario mode kill as many enemies as possible to gain extra coins.
  • If you complete all three levels successfully  you can double the number of coins you collected.
  • After Beating Bowser in world 6 Castle you begin each coin rush game with a gold flower in your stored items.  You can use this flower to turn into gold Mario and significantly increase your gold coins collected.

Thats it, if you have any more tips or comments please leave them below!


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