Kickstarter Project Giana

Kickstarter Project Giana

Giana is Back!
Twenty-five years ago, a Mario clone named “The Great Giana Sisters” hit the stores. Nintendo wasn’t happy with this cheeky approach, so the game vanished from the shelves as quickly as it appeared. Despite the rocky start, or perhaps because of it, Giana has maintained a cult following up to this day. Mario’s parents decided to let bygones be bygones and a successful Giana title was released on the Nintendo DS in 2009.

Black Forest Games, a games studio from Offenburg in Germany, has breathed new life into Giana’s legacy and needs your support to complete the brand spanking new indie continuation of the cult classic. Project Giana is a twist on the original Great Giana Sisters featuring a dual soundtrack by Giana veteran Chris Hülsbeck and the chiptune metal band Machinae Supremacy. Classic Giana and metal tunes respectively underline the core feature of warping at will between two dream worlds. You can see the game in action now on YouTube and download two playable demo levels on Friday, August 24. The download links will be provided on and on the Kickstarter page below.

Keep your eyes open for updates on and support the game if you like it. At this point in time Black Forest Games has over 2,700 fans backing them for a total of over $75,000. Join in and grab a free copy of the game and exclusive goodies in return!

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