Animal Crossing 3Ds Gets Tons of New Updates

A 47 minute video was recently aired on Nintendo Direct’s bordcast and, let me just say, holy shit, Satoru Iwata’s mii character looks exactly like the guy. You can find the video below, but keep reading if you don’t want to watch about an hour of Japanese and just want the good stuff highlighted.

New, cool stuff:

  • Megaphone allows you to speak to the townsfolk. Well, more like yell at the townsfolk. Speak into your 3DS mic to shout at animals when you see them. Not really sure why…why you would want to do that.
  • New shops including some run by Nooks offspring. Shoe shop run by skunk called “Shoe Shank”, thrift store run by an alpaca, gardening store run by a sloth.
  • Photo booth to take pictures of your avatar in a variety of poses to use on your character license.
  • Museum returns with a sushi bar being operated out of the aquarium. Hilarious, terrifying, but guaranteed fresh.
  • As the mayor you can buy decorations to be placed around town. New levels of customization are achieved through this new feature, as well as the new ability to wear shoes, build roads, and have better control over rooms added in your house.
  • Re-designed mini map that shows the houses in the area to help quite a bit with not getting lost which I seemed to be unable to do in the first few installments.
  • Dream Mode will allow you to visit friends towns, as well as the StreetPass feature which enables you to collect others houses as you pass them and visit them in your town.
  • New club called Club 444 DJed by K.K. Slider who will perform  not only his classic acoustics, but also remixes of NES songs. Club features light shows, dancing miis and townsfolks, fog machines and changing video effects behind K.K. Probably my favorite addition announced so far. Except of course for swimming. Swimming!
  • Swimming. Nuff’ said,
  • New tropical island to explore. The island will feature co-op mini games you can play locally or online.
  • Comedy Club where you’ll be able to respond to each joke. I can probably already guess what every single one of my interactions will be.

Animal Crossing: Jump Out will be released in Japan next month courtesy of Nintendo. No exact release date for other countries except for the huge window of 2013 for the US, and some time in 2012 for UK and Australia.

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