Want a Cheap 3ds? – Dell is Having a Sale

To my amazement this morning when reading through the junk that comes in my inbox I came across a crazy sale that I thought was impossible.  Dell was selling the Nintendo 3ds for only $119.00 (Here), was this a new Nintendo price cut that we haven’t heard about yet to clear out the 3ds in place of pushing the 3dsXL? upon further investigation on other websites such as bestbuy.com and gamestop.com this doesn’t seem to be the case.  Actually checking every other website USA or Canada seems to indicate the retail price is still $169.99 but as you can see from the image we posted Dell Canada is indeed selling the Nintendo 3ds for $119 + Tax.  The deal seems to be for the Dell 48 hour promotion  so if your reading this before November 7th this is probably going to be the best deal on the 3ds that you are going to get this year (so get one now before the deal is over).

Now we don’t know if customers in the USA will be able to take advantage of this offer as it seems like a Canada only deal and Dell’s USA site still has the regular price of $169.  Not sure if this is an indication that other vendors will start selling the 3ds at this price or its a one time deal only.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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