Wii U graphics card is last gen

Engadget has revealed that the Radeon graphics card powering the Wii U is less than the powerhouse we were told about.

It’s no slouch though. For the hardware minded, the card is apparently equivalent to the ATI/AMD Radeon R770. It will run DX10, and is more powerful than the cards in the 360 and PS3. Saying that your next gen console has better bits inside it than its six-year-old predecessors isn’t really much of an accomplishment, though.

Via Joystiq.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. What an useless blurb. Consoles are rarely released with hardware that is actually current with respect to PC hardware, and that’s fine considering how much cheaper a console is than a gaming rig. Furthermore, PC GPU technology is so far ahead of consoles now, that games are starting to plateau in terms of graphical innovation. Console games have more sales, so PC gaming has basically turned into ports of console games.

    Also, since consoles are played at a conventional resolution, at pretty much a standard maximum of 1920×1080, the GPU’s in modern consoles only need as much power as is needed to maximize performance at that resolution. We do not really need Radeon 6990 level power out of a console, since it will not be gaming at 5760×1080 like a PC could.

    Lastly, the Radeon 4000 architecture may be a couple years old, but it is vastly more powerful than the PS3 or Xbox360, and from a business perspective, that’s all they need. Keep the costs as low as possible while still delivering superior performance is a better business strategy than releasing a $1000 console that no one will buy, just because it has bleeding edge performance.

    The main selling point of this system seems to be more emphasis on the new controller anyway, which will probably eat any and all of the cost savings of using an older GPU architecture.

  2. Actually when the 360 and PS3 came out, their hardware was competitive with pretty hardcore PCs. The PS3 has seven cores in its processor, three in the 360. And the 256 MB graphics card in the 360 could run oblivion at full spec on a PC, and back then, at least for me, Oblivion was the bar against which your machine was measured. As to the competition with the 360 and PS3 you mentioned, this will only be competing with those for, let’s say a year and a half, before Microsoft and Sony release their own next gen consoles, which will likely outclass the Wii U. But thanks for the comment, its always good to get the other side of the story.

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