Tons of new Wii U specs

Tons of new Wii U specs

Nintendo’s press conference at E3 gave us a lot of detail about the new Wii  U controller and how it will miraculously bring the entire world together, but left much to be desired in terms of the new console’s actual hardware.

Well they’ve now delivered, and given us a bit more info on the internal workings of the newest thing to get your grandparents off the couch.

The system will support full 1080p HD, as well as just about  every other video output you could throw its way. It will play proprietary discs with 25 GB of storage space – as much as a single-layer blu-ray – and will also support on-board flash memory, but with no word yet on how much.

According to Nintendo, the GPU will be AMD/ATI sourced, and will produce  “high-definition graphics support; rich multimedia acceleration and playback; and multiple display support.”

Regrettably, the Wii U will not support Gamecube backwards compatibility, but it will support all your Wii games and peripherals.

We’ll keep you up to date on this and all the other new consoles and portables as details surface.

Via Destructoid.

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