The Videogame apocalypse is near!

The Videogame apocalypse is near!

With PSN being down for more than week now, personal information of about 77 million people being in danger and now reports of hacking and phishing attempts of Xbox Live are coming in, one could run under the assumption, that some sort of videogame apocalypse is approaching fastly… The sad part is that this will happen more often in the future, because videogames will become more interconnected as time passes. But I like to remember the old days…

Yes, you heard me right, the old days, the time when consoles were offline or rarely went online. Those days, when you still could punch your adversary in real life if he or she was being an anti-social ass, if you’ll excuse that expression. When your mother would storm into your room and punish you in one way or another for you saying various racist and/or sexist things to other players.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I can’t blame the Internet for everything. However, I will blame Gamestudios for tacking on multiplayer for games that clearly don’t need it. Remember Singleplayer games? You know, those odd things you can find on those old consoles that did not have half a million of buttons or, even worse, motion controls? When there were no Online services, where you had to be physically present if you wanted to play together?

I want those days back! And in a way, I got them back, because the PS3 at this moment is an offline console. Come to think of it, what will all those Call of Duty and Killzone players do now? Go out and buy an Xbox? Or a Wii? Or will they actually play some singleplayer games? Will they dig out older consoles and dust them off in order to play some games they had forgotten about? At least they could play the campaigns of those Call of Duty games, right?

I’ll tell you what I did this morning. I dug out my Dreamcast and I played some rounds of Marvel versus Capcom 1 and Soul Calibur 1. I had a blast! Heck, I’ve been playing some Wii games I still had lying around (Dead Space Extraction for example, which is a great game!). There are still dozens of JRPG’s I could finish, along with a gigantic backlog of PC games sleeping on my hard drive. If the gaming world would end today, I’d still have material for literally an eternity!

I’m not really hating on online gaming here though. I just think that the overall climate when it comes to online gaming is terrible and that a lot of online modes are based on a cheap variation of the Skinner Box. They suck you in, take up a lot of time, and don’t leave you any room for other games. There’s a feeling I have, that there is a certain disconnect between the ‘older’ gamers, where Singleplayer or local multiplayer games are preferred, and the, well, ‘younger’ gamers, that go online to play a game they are actually too young to play and throw words at you, you actually never heard of before.

I’m getting old, it seems.

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