Pokémon Black and White Get Special Online Community

Pokémon Black and White Get Special Online Community

Nintendo has revealed an extra treat that is coming for Pokémon fans with the Black and White versions in the form of a special online community.

Obviously it’s not going to be anywhere near the level of something like Xbox Live, but at least for Pokémon fans the release of this special online area, which the Big N is referring to as the Pokémon Global Link, is the series’ biggest surprise yet . It’s a special online website that will permit save file synchronization over the interwebs, allowing trainers the ability to compare their global rank s to other trainers while also being able to compete in mini-games for additional pokémon and items and to potentially earn the street cred needed to be eligible for tournaments with various levels of participation.

Pokémon Global Link is scheduled to launch in Spring 2011, just a short time after the release of Pokémon Black and White versions.

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