This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (1/17/11)

Unlike last week, Nintendo isn’t offering any old-school Virtual Console titles this week. Still, there may be some games that interest you for WiiWare and DSiWare.


  • Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time — 1 Player, Published by Stickmen Studios, 1,000 Wii Points, Rated E

Build crazy inventions and eat delicious sandwiches (maybe) in this time-traveling indie game.

  • Urbanix — 1-2 Players, Published by Nordcurrent, 500 Wii Points, Rated E

Play as a tractor and pave your way to success in this Qix-inspired download.

  • Bit.Trip Beat Demo — 1-4 Players, Published by Aksys Games, Rated E

Bit.Trip Beat takes the simple design of Pong and adds impressive visuals and music-based gameplay to it. In short: Download this game now!


  • Alien Puzzle Adventure — 1 Player, Published by Mastertronic, 500 DSi Points, Rated E

Save the world from an alien attack in this Match 3-style puzzler.

  • Animal Boxing — 1-2 Players, Published by Gammick Entertainment, 800 DSi Points, Rated E10+

Use your stylus to trade blows with dozens of animal characters. I can already see PETA throwing a fit about this one.

  • Glory Days: Tactical Defense — 1 Player, Published by odenis studio, 200 DSi Points, Rated E10+

Enter the battlefield and trade bullets with numerous enemy forces in this strategy game for the DSi.

  • The Seller — 1 Player, Published by CIRCLE Entertainment, 500 DSi Points, Rated E

Regain your business by starting from the bottom, collecting resources, and making big sales in this card-based game.

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