7 iOS Games that Rock

Two conditions conspired to result in this post. A: A slow news week as the industry takes their sweet-ass pimp time getting back to work after the holidays, and B: A new iPod for Christmas. I imagine that many of you are in the B category, so here are 7 games I’ve been having some consistent fun with:

1. Game Dev Story – $2.99

This is almost mandatory reading for anyone who owns an iDevice and likes video games. You get to make your own game development studio, hire employees, and develop games for systems such as the Intendro Game Kid. The game’s deeper than you might expect, with advertising options that range all the way up to lunar writing, yearly game awards, and the Gamedrex convention that you can eventually get invited to. Probably one of the better ways to spend 3 bucks.

2. Implode! – $0.99

A wonderfully simply game where the only goal is to simply destroy. You have bombs, there are buildings that need collapsing, what’s not fun about that? The catch is that the game has a pretty robust physics engine that requires that you demolish these buildings like an actual engineer would, collapsing vulnerable sections and keeping the rubble away from nearby buildings. You can get a couple levels for free, or the entire game for a dollar.

3. Cause of Death – $0.99

Not really a game in the strictest sense, Cause of Death is a murder mystery text adventure. The best way I could explain it is as a choose your adventure story that requires actual critical thinking. The narrative is surprisingly engrossing, unafraid of graphic detail, and delivers a twist you won’t see coming. For the initial price of a dollar, you’ll get about three hours of gameplay in a main seven chapter story, and they’ve now started releasing weekly episodes that are free as long as you keep up.

4. Osmos – $0.99

Osmos does more with single-button control than any game I’ve seen. You control a spherical lifeform who’s sole goal is to grow by absorbing smaller lifeforms. You move around by shooting parts of yourself in the opposite direction, the only issue is that doing this makes you smaller, so it becomes a balancing game of precise movements that get you away from bigger, absorbing lifeforms, and closer to the smaller ones that you can absorb. The game will make you do this in a million different situations, and spices things up with a really good ambient soundtrack and lush art style. Just make sure you heed the headphone recommendation at startup.

5. Plants vs Zombies = $3.99

PvZ doesn’t really need to justify it’s spot on this list; if you follow game news at all you’ll have heard tons about it by now. It’s a quirky tower defense game with deep mechanics and many ways to victory. The animation is adorable and quirky, and the levels conveniently take about as long as regular bathroom break. Perfect for the slow, zombie-less days at work.

6. Infinity Blade – $5.99

If there’s a better looking game for iOS, I haven’t heard of it. Infinity blade probably looks better than some 360 games. The hack-and-slash gameplay is intense, and the RPG elements will keep you going through the repetition of the same 8 or so fights depending on the route you take through the game. The only significant annoyance is the precision that the parry and combo systems demand in terms of position and timing isn’t always made easy by the touch detection.

7. Gravity Guy – $0.99

Another game requiring just a tap to control, Gravity looks great and will put you in more different situations than your average touch-only title. Your tap will invert gravity, and you have to do so to get your Gravity Guy away from an evil robot pursuer. The online multiplayer also adds a layer of depth absent from many comparable titles.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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